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TNT - Powerful Energy Pills, Stimulant

TNT Party PillsTNT is powerful party pills, extremely potent stimulant that speed up the body’s nervous system, boost energy right to your brain and gives an exhilarating sensation unlike any other party pill ever. Real TNT explosive in your brain. The fine mix of herbal ingredients are produced to energize and vitalize, to have you performing at your high every time. Energy Blaster contains only natural components and legal worldwide, active ingredients of TNT is caffeine – a central nervous system stimulant and Citrus Aurantium extract, also know as Oxedrine or Synephrine that similar in structure and action to ephedrine – powerful CNS stimulant but currently banned by the FDA, so this herbal energy booster pills will stimulate, invigorate and keep you awake without a doubt. TNT legal party pills it is for person who want get the same experience that the illegal ones do but without all the risk!

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Each 500 mg tablet of TNT contains: Caffeine, Citrus aurantium extract (Oxedrine), Camellia sinensis, and Piperine.

Usage: Clubbing

Recommended dosage: Take one pill of TNT 45 minutes prior to the desired effect. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

Caution: If you experience heart palpitations, nausea, dizziness, or any adverse effects stop taking energy pills immediately.


Questions and Testimonials:

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Is this TNT upper pills is legal in US? Can you deliver this to the Texas?

Party Pills:

TNT is totaly legal in USA.
We have a lot of customers from Texas, so don’t worry, we able to deliver this legal uppers to your home!

caylum doyle:

Can i get these in ireland ??


does 1 of these pills really give desirable effects? or is it based on the persons body and mentality of whether or not to exceed 1?


I guess dosage of any party pills specified for the average person without many factors. For example – i’m not an average man, i’m very big man with very long street drugs experience, 1 tablet of TNT is nothing for me, 2 tablets gives some middle effect so my usual dosage is 3 tabs of this shit to get desirable effect. But for my elder brother 1 pill is enough dose to clear his brain and he never takes more. imho


how long does this stuff last for and are all your products legal ova here in OZ. im looking for a legal alternative to use on interstate driving

Party Pills:

The TNT party pills do not contain any ingredients which prohibited in your country. There is no restriction to sell, use or buy TNT pills in Australia.
We declare the delivery in 6-12 days via airmail, Australian customers gets orders much faster.


do it legal in israel????


ho bisogno un consiglo :
debbo affrontare un impegno dove mi occorre tanta concentrazione, quale è il prodotto per ottenere la lucidità e l’energia mentale che mi serve?

Joao Bitencourt:

Na compra do “Party Pack”, quanto vai custar o frete, e em quantos dias recebo o produto?

Party Pills:

AirMail shipping costs $14.95 and takes 4-14 days to arrive. Courier mail ($39.95) just 2-5 days.


Shiping to Bg ( EU) , cost ? From where will came package , if is outside from EU , may be this will be problem with customs?

Party Pills:

We do ship our party pills to Europe. Shipping costs €11 and takes 4-14 days to arrive. Products comes from New Zealand, there are no problems passing the customs.


Hey guys is anyone from Australia ordered tnt pills here? Is it pass the customs normally? tell me please i wish to try it!


NSW. My last order 30 bottles of TNT pills and 20 bottles of Hioctane pills got in no time at all. 3 days only. No issues at the customs.


Legal nach Deutschland? und woher kommt es? mfg German

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to use any of the ingredients of TNT party pills in Germany but if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


these fuckin worked


hey guys
just want to know if i can mix with buzz and just when its deliver to my place whats the name on the box, I mean, does its says “party pills” on the post pack? since


Have you retail store with TNT pills in Ausralia?


hay algun problema con el envio a ecuador y cual seria el costo con envio de un frasco de tnt.

Party Pills:

There is no problem to deliver TNT Party Pills to Ecuador for us. Airmail shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive and cost $14.95. If you need express shipping please chose Courier Mail as delivery method and you’ll get it in 2-5 days.


Hey do you shipp to germany and how safe is it ? What is better TNT or Hi Octane ?

Party Pills:

Sorry but we don’t ship our production to Germany anymore :(


Does these pills include dmaa? And can I pay in paypal if I decide to order?

Party Pills:

No, TNT party pills do not contain DMAA. No one pills at our shop contain this substance.
We don’t accept paypal as payment option. Credit cards, money transfer service and bank transfer only.


can you drink alcohol with these

Party Pills:

TNT party pills doesn’t contain any ingredients which may react with alcohol, so you drink as much as is safe for you.


Hey guys, does anyone from Brazil already ordered tnt pills? Had any problem with customs? Tell me please, I would like to try it!


Very similar to Ecstacy if you double drop they take a lil lomger to kick in but around alot of energy and i you drink energy drinks they work!!
Great product!!


Ist TnT unter 18 Jährige freigegeben?

Party Pills:

We do not sell party pills to minors.


is it a capsule with powder inside? and if so can you use it to snort or do you have to take it like a pill?

Party Pills:

TNT is a tablets but not capsules. You may not snort it.


Hi, I tried the TNT pills, i eate 3 pills in ones, because i have a record for using street drugs, and no effekt at all… :-O Then in my madness that the pills didn’t work, i tried to crush one and snort it… well that worked… What 3 pills didn’t do, half a pill did the trick, i feld a stong rush mush like Speed, side effekt is that your nose is running like hell with the blue color (the pill is blue).


hi what colour are the pills and is there a pic on them ??


Boas, gostava de saber em quanto fica os portes para Portugal??


hi there, what do they look like, colour/ stamp?
think ive had them before, keen to try again

Party Pills:

Blue pills with crown stamped.
Few years ago it was manufactured in yellow color also.


I ordered and the “stars” were painted, now I want to order more, why are you talking about the crown?

Party Pills:

The TNT party pills was redesigned some time ago, but don’t worry – no ingredients was changed, it is perfect TNT pills still :)


How long and how much shipped to Romania

Party Pills:

Shipping of TNT Party pills to Romania via airmail takes 4-14 days. Shipping cost is $9 or free for orders over $101. Also you may choose courier mail delivery – little bit expensive but much faster. Change shipping option you may at the checkout page.


Do you deliver to the uk ?

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping of TNT Pills to the United Kingdom takes 4-14 days to arrive.


hey guys,theres is no problem to deliver TNT party pills to Belgique!thanks.

Party Pills:

We do ship TNT pills to Belgium as well.
Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Hello from QLD, Australia! Not the same as real deal but still very good. The price of this stuff is almost as a cigarette but clears brains are better than whiskey.

Darren E:

Do pre-paid credit cards work? Or do i need too use my legit card?

Party Pills:

We accept prepaid card if bank issued it allow internet transaction.

Darren E:

It 100% works online I’v purchased stuff on the net with them before.


Hi do you distribute to United kingdom

Party Pills:

Yes. We supply TNT pills or any other party pills from our online shop to United Kingdom as well.


Do you ship to Macedonia ?

Party Pills:

We do ship TNT Pills to Macedonia as well!



Do you still sell these pills? I ask this because I don’t get a responsenon my mail.

Party Pills:

Yes we do! We sell TNT pills and ship it to Netherland as well. We apologize for an unanswered mail, seems it was a technical issue with its delivery. Sorry for inconvenience!


So yesterday i have received my TnT pills…it took just 12days to reach Slovakia :-) …that day i was working out in the gym so i was really exhausted so I didnt hesitated and immediately took a pill, …first i felt a mild energy rush nothing special…so i thought its just a placebo effect, then i took another pill like 2 hours later…the first pill i took at 5pm ..the next at about 7pm ….now its almost 2am in the morning and i feel like i have just woken up after a long sleep and had a refreshing shower…i dont feel like sleepy at all…and dont think so i will the next few hours =D guys do not expect any euphoric effect but its really powerful …keeps you awake for a long time


how much for delivery to poland?

Party Pills:

$9 Airmail (4-14 days) ;
$15 Registered Mail (5-16 days with tracking);
$39 Courier (3-7 days with tracking) ;

For orders over $100 Airmail shipping is free!


Its possible to sent to Latvia these legals vitamins?

Party Pills:

Yes, shipping party pills to Latvia available. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.

curtis t:

Do u post them to uk

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping to the UK takes 4-14 days.

shona mcintyre:

do u deliver to scotland

Party Pills:

We do ship TNT pills to Scotland as well.


Are they legal in Ireland ? How long it take to get to me ?

Party Pills:

TNT pills is totally legal in your location. There is no restriction to sell, buy or own it in the Ireland.
Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Took 2 around 11am didn’t feel anything, it’s 2pm now and they just kicked in, feeling great. I am female 5’7 around 210ib


Do you can take these during daytime??


Im looking for something that will give you the same feeling that the ADHD drug Strattera 40mg would give off. Do you know what would be close to this feeling? From what i read it sounds the TNT might do it but im not suree and Im not trying to waste my money either. Thanks in advance


How much cost a delivery to Romania !!

Party Pills:

$9 Airmail or free for order over $100, $15 Registered Mail, $39 Courier Shipping.


Hi just wondering if you ship to Canada, Ontario.

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship TNT Pills to Canada as well.


Hi, can you ship the TNT product to Albania (Europe)? And how much does it cost? Thnx

Wayne C Jenkins:

Im from canada and was looking to order tnt pills was wondering how much for shipping.

Party Pills:

$9 Airmail (no tracking) or free if order over $100, $15 Registered mail.

can you get them legal in the u.s:

South Carolina,lancaster


Are this pills legal in georgia(country)


Hi there,
I need something strong that can get me motivated to do some work with similar affect to speed. I need to do some study work but don’t get in the mood to do. What would be the best choice here? Also, do you ship to Australia? Are your products legal here in Australia? I really need something; I used to get legal speed from “future high NZ” but can’t order online anymore :( so frustrating

Party Pills:

May suggest to try BrainX – “classic” blend of L-theanine and Caffeine.
Natural nootropic which greatly improves cognitive function and charges your body.


Any one ordered this pills to United Arab Emirates, any custom problem?
And is it legal in UAE please ?

Party Pills:

Sorry but we can’t ship our party pills to UAE at the time.


I am an older lady. Could you take these everyday for energy cause I really don’t have any and I’m respect so.

Party Pills:

TNT is not a daily energy pills. For people over 40 we may recommend other pills to keep an energy on top. Pay your attention to the supplements containing Human Growth Hormones, it may bring to you a lot of benefits above energy. Check out our partner’s product HGH PLUS. Hope you will find it very helpful.

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TNT Pills is popular party pills produced to energize and vitalize, to have you performing at your high every time.
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