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Space Trips is well known legal high produced to give you the feeling of flying in the open space, completely leaving behind all of your today’s trouble. Does not matter how peole call it – party pill or dance pill, legal high or e-caps, matter that Space Trips is better and safer version of the notorious illegal drug. Better because the pills Give you the incredible changes of the auditory and visual reality, safer because contain only natural ingredients and legal everywhere!
Using the Space Trips we do not recommend to exceed the maximum dose, although some experienced drug users reported that increased the quantity of the party pills for maximum effect without negative impact. So if you wish to try – Space Trips is your best choice that will completely shed your inhibitions and make you loosen up like never before.

Space Trips

Space Trips is the new generation legal highs designed to enhance all your six senses. Space Trips – natural and legal pills able to take you to the moon and get back making you perceive reality differently, boosting your energy level, causing intense visuals and powerful sensory enhancement. The natural psychedelic synephrine containing blend is ideal party pills for raves, clubs or anywhere there is a lot of people and energy.

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