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Natural relaxants it is your safe way to keep calm after high stress jobs, on-the-go lifestyles etc. Today a lot of people are looking to natural and safe relaxants because people want to replace mind-numbing prescription drugs that often affect their performance at work. Our Natural relaxants contain vitamins, herbs, and amino acids are familiar to the body. Choose relaxing supplement from the list below and forget about harsh side effects.

L-Theanine 300

L-Theanine - RelaxantL-Theanine 300 capsules are popular for many health benefits. This amino acid help to promote relaxation, reduce stress and improve sleep. Very popular for its nootropic properties such as enhancing memory, improving the ability to learn, and providing a calming effect. L-theanine is considered extremely safe and has been designated as a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States.


5-HTP - Brain Support5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) is a naturally occurring substance that converts directly into serotonin in your brain and enhance your mood, your sleep, appetite, memory, learning, temperature regulation, muscle contraction and your sexual behavior. IDEAL SUPPLEMENT FOR MOOD AND ENERGY!

Mello Man

Legal DownerMello Man – ultimate legal downer with mild relaxing effect. Mello Man is perfect herbal relaxant for the person who want to be relaxed in a couple of minutes the natural and legal way! Fine blend of herbal ingredients bring to you peace and harmony with yourself and the world. Contain Lettuce opium, Passionflower and Valerian. This natural relaxing formula designed to give your mind and body a true “calm” state of mind. Great relaxing, chilling, anti stress pills.


SlowDown - legal downer, relaxantSlowDown – legal chilling capsules. SlowDown is a natural relaxant that contains a fine mix of carefully selected herbals that will calm you down. The effects of ingesting of SlowDown capsules are very pleasant relax, although no illegal ingredients are present in this one. Very effective to slow down the nervous system, may be used as natural pain killer.

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Special pack of legal highs
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USA Legal High Sale

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Party Pack

Special pack of Party Pills – legal stimulants, relaxants, sex enhancing capsules. Party Pack contains a bottle of V8 (Ex Fast Lane – legal stimulant), Mello Man (relaxant), Kanna Extract (Mood Elevator), Hi-Octane (Energy pills), TNT (energy pills), Big Daddy (party pills), and Sex Intense pills (sex party pills). Save your money, buy cheap Party Pills at discounted price right now!


CHILLAX – new natural relaxant formulated to mellow any mood and recover after hard day. Party pills that relaxing your mind and body when you are tired, stressed out or just need to put a smile on your face. Party pills that relaxing your mind and body when you are tired, stressed out or just need to put a smile on your face. This herbal relaxant contains only traditional sedative herbs produced to assist you in reducing night restlessness brought on by stress, to enhance relaxation and recovery. Try the perfect legal relaxant Chillax now!

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