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PEA (Phenylethylamine), also known as PEA is a monoamine alkaloids that naturally occurs within the body. Pills containing PEA help boost a mood and increase Mental happiness. Phenylethylamine is a nootropic that aids in enhancing brainpower that also used to enhance focus and concentration and assists to enhance mental clarity. By consuming PEA pills you will have the chance to enhance your mental abilities.


V8 - Legal highV8 – new legal party pills containing unique blend of natural ingredients that will give you unforgettable effect in absolutely legit and safe manner. Perfect solution for the people who ever wanted to experience the famous Snowman Effect but newer did it because it is illegal, dangerous, addictive etc… Improved formula now contain PEA (Phenethylamine), Hordenine and natural Caffeine. Non-addictive and very powerful legal drug without any known side-effect. Legal everywhere! Buy V8 party pills now and go beyond the new experience with absolutely natural and safe party pills.


Loaded – the strong party pills of new generation formulated to give you highest dose of pure energy and keeps you loaded for all night long. Each capsule of Loaded contains the carefully selected mix of legal ingredients which will have a clarifying effect on your mind and sets you in a trance for endless hours. Ultimate legal stimulant containing Phenylethylamine, Hordenine and Caffeine.

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