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Herbal Highs are natural substances which produce similar effects to illegal drugs but in very legit way. The name herbal high often refers to substances that are safer and legally available – your very smart choice. It may be stimulant, relaxant or psychoactive Substances. Visit the world of herbal high without any risk for your health. Please take it as directed, do not overdose please! Chose what you want from our quality natural products.


DEX Powder - powerful euphoric energy rushDEX powder – new generation of legal high based on fine mix of natural and synthetic ingredients that produce pure dose of euphoric energy and keeps you charged for all night long. DEX powder is perfect product that gives you more without any hassles. Just one line of this natural energy booster is enough to get you to the new high level with no offensive side effects and in a safe and licit way.


Hi-Octane - Legal Party pills, CNS StimulantHi-Octane – BZP-free party pills of new generation, legal stimulant. This explosive herbal blend formulated to set your body to the highest energy level and re-vitalize your mind. Suitable for rave party, clubs or any place where is many people and energy, for anyone who enjoys socializing and having a good time. Natural Caffeine, Oxedrine. The ultimate legal body stimulant, the best party pills you can find. All natural ingredients, legal everywhere.


V8 - Legal highV8 – new legal party pills containing unique blend of natural ingredients that will give you unforgettable effect in absolutely legit and safe manner. Perfect solution for the people who ever wanted to experience the famous Snowman Effect but newer did it because it is illegal, dangerous, addictive etc… Improved formula now contain PEA (Phenethylamine), Hordenine and natural Caffeine. Non-addictive and very powerful legal drug without any known side-effect. Legal everywhere! Buy V8 party pills now and go beyond the new experience with absolutely natural and safe party pills.


SlowDown - legal downer, relaxantSlowDown – legal chilling capsules. SlowDown is a natural relaxant that contains a fine mix of carefully selected herbals that will calm you down. The effects of ingesting of SlowDown capsules are very pleasant relax, although no illegal ingredients are present in this one. Very effective to slow down the nervous system, may be used as natural pain killer.

Space Trips

Space Trips is the new generation legal highs designed to enhance all your six senses. Space Trips – natural and legal pills able to take you to the moon and get back making you perceive reality differently, boosting your energy level, causing intense visuals and powerful sensory enhancement. The natural psychedelic synephrine containing blend is ideal party pills for raves, clubs or anywhere there is a lot of people and energy.

Party Pack

Special pack of Party Pills – legal stimulants, relaxants, sex enhancing capsules. Party Pack contains a bottle of V8 (Ex Fast Lane – legal stimulant), Mello Man (relaxant), Kanna Extract (Mood Elevator), Hi-Octane (Energy pills), TNT (energy pills), Big Daddy (party pills), and Sex Intense pills (sex party pills). Save your money, buy cheap Party Pills at discounted price right now!


CHILLAX – new natural relaxant formulated to mellow any mood and recover after hard day. Party pills that relaxing your mind and body when you are tired, stressed out or just need to put a smile on your face. Party pills that relaxing your mind and body when you are tired, stressed out or just need to put a smile on your face. This herbal relaxant contains only traditional sedative herbs produced to assist you in reducing night restlessness brought on by stress, to enhance relaxation and recovery. Try the perfect legal relaxant Chillax now!

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