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Space Trips is the new generation legal highs designed to enhance all your six senses. Space Trips – natural and legal pills able to take you to the moon and get back making you perceive reality differently, boosting your energy level, causing intense visuals and powerful sensory enhancement. The natural psychedelic blend is ideal party pills for raves, clubs or anywhere there is a lot of people and energy. Each capsule of Space Trips contains Synephrine, Galangal, Piperine. Try this legal high to feel this world differently, sounds, pictures and even a simple touch will stimulate a whole new experience. Why risk legal hassles or severe side effects with illegal drugs, if you can go natural and legal with these alternative products that work just as well and not have a worry in the world.




Sorry but we don’t sell Space Trips anymore, We advise you to try another quality product with the same name from AZARIUS – RELIABLE ONLINE SMARTSHOP

Float around in space and be one with the universe. Take 2 capsules on an empty stomach and experience a strong colorful trip to the moon.

This product contains a high dose of Guarana and Green Tea, which give a strong boost of energy. It also contains Hawaiian Baby Woodrose, a source of LSA, which has psychedelic effects. Don’t miss your ticket to the MOON!!!

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Usage: Sense booster, energizer, space trips ;)

Recommended dosage: Take one capsule of Space Trips 90 minutes prior to the desired effect with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Warning: taking more than two pills can cause hallucinations.


We deliver party pills worldwide include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe

Questions and Testimonials:

There are (283) records for the Space Trips

Garry White:

Hi, names Garry, I was wondering if you could possibly send me a small free sample of your space trips before I order. My shipping address is — removed by moderator —. Thanks!

Party Pills:

We are sorry Garry, but we don’t send trial packs of the Space Trips now (we have sent 5000 packs of LSD alternative pills already while tested the market of legal highs). But now we have much better option than free trial pills – 100% money back if you are unsatisfied with our herbal highs!

Jerry Delinko:

Is there an age limit?

Can I get six pills for $14.99?

What is it made of?

Party Pills:

Your age must be 18+ to buy Space Trips Pills!

Sorry but we don’t sell six pills package!


Can you snort this product?


im on medecine for pyschiactric illness would i be able to take these as i love spacey trips

Party Pills:

Hi Bill!
I think you should refrain from taking drugs, party pills, etc., even if it is legal as long as you are on medicines. Think about it!


RIght on guys wow that was a unexpected response but u guys are really right about that, IF u are a person suffering from a mental illness such as what you said u deff should not be attemping to take stuff like this


Not really. Just covering themselves legally. If they told him it was safe to take with prescription drugs, and the unfortunate happened and he had a reaction, they could be held responsible. Besides that, do you think they really need his money that badly? Risk vs reward. Not worth it.


Hey Guys. Thank you a lot. Space trips is awesome. I found this very similar to real LSD but with a little shorter effect. But given the cost and legality, maybe even better. Sorry, English isn’t my native language.


hi. i wish to buy legal lsd but have not credit card. how can i pay for this party pills?


On all most all other sites it says effects lasts up to 6 hours on correct dosage. Which is true?


Hey Cole i guess six hours lasting for few bucks is unreal. Think about it. Its work for me around one hour and it enough i think.


If an order is being deleivered by airmail, is it handled by the post service? Is it possible to have an order left for collection at the post office rather then having it delivered to my home address?


Is anybody from United Kingdom purchased Space Trips pills here, in this store? Does they deliver party pills to the London?


Yes, they delivers the pills to UK. I’m from Sheffield and have ordered different pills here twice. Terms of delivery is apx 5-7 days.


Do you send Space Trips pills to Japan? How long the parcel will go? Thanks.

Party Pills:

Hello Akimitsu!
We deliver Space Trips or any other party pills or smoking blends to Japan very fast, just 5-7 days via AirMail. We send our production from New Zealand.


hey man im cam, i was gonna grab some of this shit as im a big fan of lsd as it is, it says that more than two can cause hallucinations.. do these compare to lsd or is the idea of it completely different?
also do you ship to aus and how much would shipping be if you do?


I took two of them last night and I thought it wasn’t going to work at first. So I started driving and it was very dificult, these things clear your mind and make you feel great and careless. If you just lay and relax with music in a dark room you will hallucinate. You will feel like your in space and see a lot of different colors. You cab open your mind and weird visions will come. Even when you close your eyes you feel like yourIn a dream. These are the best synthetic pills ive ever had. There are no bad effects also…I highly recommend taking these if you like to trip out.


is this legal in the united states and can you hallucinate?thanks

Party Pills:

Space Trips is safe hallucinogen which totally legal in the USA.


its legal, so does that mean its not detectable in drug tests?

Party Pills:

You absolutelly right! Space Trips Pills does not contains any illegal ingredients and can’t be detected via drug tests.


cool thanks


hey guys, i was wondering is their a maxium amount to take without oding, is takeing 4+ safe


I have snorted 4 or 5 in a 12 hour perios and it was perfect. I’m not a huge druggie, but recreationally like this stuff. I can not imagine at all od’ing, just the best high (and I’m picky!)


Honestly do you hallucinate same as on lsd, if i would take 3 or 4 of them at same time? ex: Melting funiture, monster faces?

Party Pills:

The Party Pills affects different people in very different ways, the effects Space Trips pills (same as effects of LSD) are very unpredictable. It is depend on how much pills you have taken and how you are feeling at the time. We can guarranty that if you are feeling happy and carefree when you taking Space Trips you are likely to find the experience extremely pleasurable. Emotional reactions of different people can vary while tripping. Someone become more aware of themselves, feel like and intensely religious or spiritual experience. Other describing the feelings separated from phisical body are also common as are interesting visual effects – bright colours around, distorted shapes and sizes or as you say – melting funiture, monster faces etc. :)
It is very important to realize that the one person may got a good and bad experience on different occasions and even within the same trip. Try it and you will know what is Space Trips for you.


Also, try to keep in mind that YOU are the only person in control of your trip. Try to be as relaxed as possible when you take it. And don’t take it just to get high. Expect to learn something meaningful. If you take just to get high, expect a bad experience. If you take it expecting to learn, and have a “spiritual experience” for lack of a better word,it will be blissfull and extremely pleasurable. Remember this has alot to do with your own attitude, and your psychological outlook on things while your getting ready for your trip to start. Just remember you’re in control. I can’t make any promises. But if you want to know if these pills work, my answer is yes, deffinately.


can i use a debit card to purchase space trip pills? how long do the affects last?

Party Pills:

It is depend on the bank issued your card. If your bank allows internet transaction you can use your card in our party pills store.
Effect of Space trips pills lasting up to six hour.


Hello. What happens when you take 3 or 4? Is it dangerous? Or just more intense?


Space them out. I did 4 or 5 (snorted them) over a 14 hour period. Perfect and no come down

Nathan Coleman:

Just placed an order through your securebill site where it says that i will receive a confirmation email in 5 minutes which i need to click the link to confirm the order. But have not recieved an email so how do i know if its gone through?

Party Pills:

Dear mr. Coleman!
Your order info:
Product: 1x Space Trips – $29.95
Order Number: 6052472-P4P
Approved and Shipped via AirMail.
Shipping to your location take 6-12 days.
Thank you for purchasing our products!


i want pay with paypal

Party Pills:

Sorry but we don’t accept PayPal payment in our store.


is there a store where i can purchase these rather than the internet?

Party Pills:

There is no local store in Illinois. Sorry! But we ship our production to your location as well!


is there a store in california???


Hello, I am interested in space trips very much. I enjoy hallucinations, tripping and all that jazz. Is it possible to overdose on this product? Will taking more than two caps harm your body? Is there a money back guaruntee? Thank you so much for your time and I am planning on ordering if all goes well with these answers!!

On Tha Fly R:

Hello, I have not received the verification e-mail and it has been almost six hours since placing my order. I would like to know if I am still getting the product or if (as I fear) you have stolen my credit card info.

Party Pills:

Due to various reasons some servers blocks the delivery confirmation email or remove it to SPAM folder. Please do not worry! Your order is received and will be processed and shipped on time. We guaranree safety and security your personal data and your credit card information. Be patient please.


hey fly, did you ever receive your order???


this question interest me, did u received your order? 1/12/13


They deliver mine took 12 days but I’m back to order again, I was very wary to cautious of my bank info, but this site is legit and safe! From Ohio here, I’m getting ready to order my second time, I came back, y go elsewhere when I know they deliver, & can trust secure billing and good product! This the first time I ever ordered over net, getting ready to be 2 nd, lol, I’m a worry wart but they communicate when u are getting anxious waiting too! Lol sorry bout that guys! Peace! No worries tho!

Mikey likes it!!:

i was told that it was about the same as the legal coke and speed is this true or are they all the same..


are these legal in singapore?

Party Pills:

Space Trips pill and all its ingredients is legal in Singapore. There in no restriction to sell, buy or use Space Trips pills in your location.


I want to know if it is legal and can be delivered in Romania? I do not have an airport in my town there is any possibility to get the pills at home?

Party Pills:

Hello Surla.
As we know, Romania has no restrictions on the use any components of Space Trips Pills. Synephrine or product containing Synephrine isn’t prohibited for sale, purchase and use in your country.
And don’t worry about delivery. AirMail and your local post service works great, you’ll got order on time right at your home.


i see the warning about taking more than 2 pills can cause hallucinations and that this product is not harmfull but if i do take more than 2 is it harmfull to my health?

Party Pills:

Hello Anthony.
The dose (2 pills of Space Trips Pills) is intended for the average person. Some of our customers are taking three or more capsules of this party pills with no harm to health, but we can not recommend it to everyone. It depends on your condition and experience of the use of drugs (party pills) of this type. In any case, two pills of Space trips will not harm you. Exceeding the number of tablets taken YOU are entirely responsible for any consequences.
Thank you for the question.


I would recommend taking two. They kept me up all night and I felt like I was hallucinating. I felt amazing and felt like I was in space


I ordered some spacetrips roughly 2 weeks ago and have still not yet received them. Has there been some sort of mix up?
Order 6056478-P4P

Party Pills:

Thank you. I’ll check it out and contact you asap. Sorry for inconvenience!


Would they have to be delivered to my house? Or could i pick them up somewhere else? Like the post office? Thanks! I really wanna try these as they are a lot cheaper then regular lsd or ectacy :D

Party Pills:

Please contact Shipping Department using contact form here. Thank you.


I have big interest in space trips. is it legal in South Korea? and how long does it take to be delivered to me?

Party Pills:

Hello mr. Holden.
The Space trips pills don’t contain anything that might be prohibited in South Korea. Our legal high products are quite popular in South Korea, we have a number of of clients from your country and never experienced problems with delivery or the legality of our party pills or smoking blends.
Delivery to S.Korea via airmail take 6-12 working days to arrive (usually clients get it much faster).


If it’s your first time can you still hallucinate? An if your a light weight will it effect you more then a heavy weight?


how many space tripps should i take to get the full effects

Party Pills:

Four pills of Space Trips is a maximum we can recomend to take. Exceeding of this dose completely your responsibility.


Two of them made me trip and hallucinate. I felt like I was in space., I would take them at the same time and drink a lot of juice!


Will the space trips name be on the shipping package? I have a nosy roommate and I don’t want him to see the package when it comes and know what it is.

Party Pills:

Do not worry.
There is no marking on the packaging of its contents.
We care about the privacy of our customers!


are space trips legal in darlington cause i would really want to try thm cause they sound good and lokking for a good high

kevin vail:

is there anyway to get same day delivery


i recieved my space trips synthetic lsd pills, and i took 7 my first time, I WAS TRIPPING FUCKING BALLLLLZZZZZ, it was so fucking intence i saw shit and heard shit that really just wasnt there, i was legit tripping face, like projecting movies on the wall from my mind and sinking into the ground and all of the sorts any way EVERYBODY NEEDS TO TRY THIS SHIT YOU WILL FUCKING LOVE IT!!!


hi! salvia divinorum for sale Do you?
(salvia divinoryum sipari? verebilirmiyiz? bunun sat??? sizde varm??)

Party Pills:

No. We don’t sale salvia divinorum.


How many pills come in the bottle?

Party Pills:

Each bottle of Space Trips contain 12 (twelve) pills.


Hey guys .. I am very familiar with LSD and was wondering…if i purchase these pills and do NOT get the desired effect, I can get my money back?


Do you guys except pre paid credit cards?

Party Pills:

We accept prepaid credit cards if your bank allow internet transaction.


Do you post to New Zealand?

Party Pills:

Hello Candra!
Sure we ship Space Trips Pills or any other Party Pills and Dex Powder to New Zealand. You will receive your order next day after your order proceed!


I am wondering if these can be shipped to a p.o. box in the U.S. or kept at the post office for pick up.People always steal my mail from in front of my house, so is it possible?


how long are te effects of space trip?

Party Pills:

Lasting of Space Trips pills depend on your condition and drug experience, in some case Space Trips effect lasts up to 6 hour.


order number 6062997-P4P.merhaba!sipari? kodum bu.sipari? durum nedir?te?ekkürler

Party Pills:

Your order received. Space trips pills will handled and shipped as soon as billing department aprove it. Please be patient.


hey i was just wondering if u guys ship to Australia thanks

Party Pills:

Hello David!
Yes, We do ship Space Trips to Australia.


ok thanks alot looks like ill have to order me some then ;)


hey, i was wondering if you send to Florida, U.S.A.

Party Pills:

We do ship all our legal highs to Florida. Airmail shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.

leonardo aka leo:

i wanna try these pills but hows the packaging beacause my mother in law is gna be staying with us for a while and most likely shes gna be the one at home 2 sign for the package because ill be at work and so would my wife and i dont want her 2 see wat it is!!!


Hi. Order number 6063257-P4P.
Did you get payment?

Party Pills:

We got your payment. Order will shipped today. Shipping takes 4-14 days. Thanks.


Can I use a prepaid visa card

Party Pills:

You can pay for Space Trips Pills with your prepaid credit cards if the bank issued card allows online payments. In this case we can accept your card.


can i find them somewhere in cinnian or dayton ohio?

Party Pills:

There is no local store for Space Trips pills in your location. Order this party pills here and we ship it to your home. Airmail shipping ($14.94) takes 4-14 days, courier mail is much faster.


Hey i have your product and wish to know how long they last as i am a student and do not wish to trip during school if i take this product the night before i have school?


Took four around 8pm at 9pm i tought i had wasted my money. Then at like 1015pm it hit me. It like the body buzz of a schroom trip or good pain meds minus the drowsy effect. Not very hallucinogenic but, all in all a good buy.


Is Synephrine the only active ingredient in Space Trips?

Party Pills:

Sorry for delay with answer.
Synephrine isn’t only active ingredient of Space Trips Pills. Another active substance is well know Galangan (extract of Alpinia officinarum) with its mild psychoactive effect that give a warm feeling, clear thinking and altered visual perception. Space Trips Pills contain also Piperine which increases the bioavailability of active ingredients.


You send at Greece?
It is legal to my country?

Party Pills:

We ship our party pills and legal smokes to Greece.
There is no restriction to sell, buy or use it in your country.


Hi I was wondering if these would work if ground up and mixed in food…i cant swallow pills because I gag when I try to :(

Party Pills:

Sure you can open capsule and mix its contain with anything you wish – water, juice, food etc.


Snort it really is the only way I have found to really get the effects


how long does a space trip last?


do the pills also have a smokeable version with same effects because i hate taking pills

Party Pills:

Sorry! Space Trips pills has no “smokeable version”. But you can open the capsule and take its contents with water, juice, coffee or anything else.


Don’t attempt to smoke but snort. Burns like a Mutha but is so worth it

Cory Winston:

How many did you snort tara? I had these once. I only popped a couple, smoked a bunch, they definitely work, i think i’m gonna buy them again and do a way heavier dose.


Is there a store that sells these in or near Greenville, SC?

Party Pills:

There is no local store selling Space Trips pills in your location.
Order Space Trips here and we ship it to you.


is it legal in australia?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to use any of Space Trips pills ingredients in Australia.


How many pills are in the containers?
Is there an expiration date for the pills?

Party Pills:

Each bottle of Space Trips contains 12 capsules.
Space Trips expires after 1 year from date of manufacture. Tests show Space Trips pill does not lose its properties after the expiration date.

Brandon Vega:

I would like to buy some Space Trips Pills! but i’m wondering if i won’t have a problem here in the USA, Are they legal here? and can the US Mail can confiscated my package????

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to use any of Space Trips’s ingredients in the USA.
But if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Do you send to Peru?
thank you

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Space trips pills to Peru, shipping takes 4-14 day, courier mail is much faster – just 2-5 days to arrive.


are you delivery to srilanka also?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Space Trips pills to Sri Lanka.


itz not legal also?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to use any of ingredients of Space Trips in your location. But if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


can I pay on debit card?

Party Pills:

Sure you can pay via debit card if bank issued your card allows internet transaction with this one.


do you guys have a store in orange county

Party Pills:

There is no local store in orange county.
Buy Space Trips online and we’ll ship it right to your home.


is der any possible way u can send it to india ..!!?:/

Party Pills:

Yes we do ship or Party Pills to India as well!


is this legal in United Arab Emirates. cuz, i really wanna purchase it if it legal in UAE.

Party Pills:

As we know there is no restriction on any ingredients of Space Trips pills in UAE. We have a lot of customers from Emirates who get Space Trips and other party pills from us on regular basis. But if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Are space tripps in a box that, does not show the object or what is inside till opened? Just wondering.

Party Pills:

You’re absolutely right. Package completely discreet and does not contain any markings on its contents.

manu pumu:

Hola quisiera cosneguir un cotacto, quiero comprar las pildoras soy mayor de 18años y quisera saber si las envian a Argentina y si es que son legales aqui.

Party Pills:

We ship Space Trips pills to Argentina.
Just place an order here and you’ll got all necessary info about payment.


I was wondering the approximate shipping time to my location. I will only be here temporarily, so if you could give me a guesstimate on the time it takes to get to Kansas, it would be greatly appreciated.

Party Pills:

Practice shows the shipping time to Kansas is 4-14 days if sent via airmail or 2-5 days via Courier Mail.
We ship party pills within 24 hours after order approved by our billing center, rest depends on mail service.


how long would it take to ship to the united states?

Party Pills:

Shipping of Space Trips to US takes 4-14 days via Airmail or 2-5 days via courier.


Are paryt pills legal in Canada?

Party Pills:

None of the ingredients of Space Trips pills prohibited in your jurisdiction.
None of our customers from Canada have had problems with the legality of using any type of our party pills.


Hello.if i give order ,when will it arrive? and is it legal to turkey? is it secure (about shipping) ?

Party Pills:

Shipping of Party Pills to Turkey takes 4-14 days to arrive. Package is discreet. If you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction. As we know there is no restriction to use any of ingredients of Space trips pills.


hola soy d mexico y kiero informacion para comprar d e precios en moneda mexicana y como sla entrega y el pago gracias


does someone have to sign for the package?

from xbox live:

how long does it take for an order to ship to arizona? i ordered a bottle of space trips three days ago and im really excited to try them out.

Party Pills:

Shipping to Arizona takes 4-14 days to arrive.

from xbox live:

is there any way to track my order?

Party Pills:

Orders shipped via courier mail can be tracked only. Airmail is not trackable.


Is space tripp legal in the US

Party Pills:

Yes, Space Trips party pills is totally legal in the Unites States of America. This product contain no forbidden ingredients or chemicals.


Awesome, cant wait to get mine in. Havent had this feeling for 15 years, how long will it take to make it to louisiana?

Party Pills:

Shipping of Space Trips to Louisiana takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Hi there, How long will it take for an order to ship to UAE, DUBAI

Party Pills:

Shipping of Space Trips pills to Dubai takes 4-14 days to arrive via airmail or 2-5 days via courier mail.


I’m wondering if I’ll trip from one single pill and how long the trips last for?

Party Pills:

Reaction to the Space Trip’s ingredients depends on many factors such as body condition, the experience of taking party pills, etc. The recommended dose is 1-2 capsules of Space trips pills per 24 hours, but we know many our users takes up to 6-7 capsules capsules without undesirable side effects. The effect of Space Trips lasts up to 6 hours.

tony uk tripper:

hi, are you still shipping this to the uk, and how long does it take to get here, and i presume your site is safe for me to used my card,,
thanks tony..

Party Pills:

We do ship Space Trips pills to United Kingdom. Shipping takes 4-14 days via airmail or 2-5 days via courier. We do all we can to get you your party pills as quick as possible.


Hi can u deliver it to India and how long will it take. also tell me is it legal in India aswell.

Party Pills:

We deliver Space trips pills worldwide include India.
As we know it there is no restriction to sell, buy or use any ingredients of the party pills in your country.

Mmsing Stardust:

For some reason I just do not belive you….. I wish I could, then I would order in a heartbeat…..But I hate being cheated….


You wont be cheated or ripped off. i got mine in today, i ordered it about 4-5 days ago

the turk:

Are you sending to Turkey ?


Is the shipping price increases ?


Party Pills:

We do ship Space Trips pills to Turkey as well.
The cost of delivery is the same for all countries:
$14.95 via Airmail (4-14 days non tracking)
$39.95 via Courier Mail (2-5 days with tracking)


Ordered space trips from India and received the shipment in 14 days.. maybe slightly on the longer side. Yet to try it out and hope for some good tripping :)

Adilian Scartezini:

Gostaria de saber se é permitido no Brasil estas substâncias… Já recebi o e-mail para fazer o pagamento… E lendo alguns artigos em outros sites dizem q não podem vender para o Brasil… Afinal é ou não é permitido no Brasil? Quero muito o space trips, curto muito psicodelia.. realmente há um universo e questão e eu como muitos queremos celebrar com Deus todas as suas bençãos.. aguardo retorno!!!

Party Pills:

We have many customers in Brazil bought the pills on the monthly basis. We are not aware of the problems with delivery of Space Trips pills to your country but if you are unsure of legality please check out it with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.

Adilian Scartezini:

O melhor da vida é viver intensamente, de forma segura e capaz de transformar a realidade… percepção externa é o que viso em minhas teorias… é totalmente legal e ao contrário das ilegais… essas não geram tanta violência do crime organizado… q v6 vendam muitoooo… Ótima idéia… vou adquirir… tem entrega na minha cidade??

Party Pills:

We’ll deliver it right to your home


e ai adilian, Deu certo? a mercadoria chegou de boa?
tu tb comprei to esperando chegar pra comentar :)


Hey with your space trips it says they enhance all your 6th senses! what is the 6th sense?….I see dead people??

Party Pills:

May be someone will discover even 7th sense with Space Trips pills. Who knows? :)


How long do the effects last per pill? And is there a place near Santa Cruz California that sells them instead of air mail. I don’t have a credit card.

Party Pills:

Space Trips pills effects lasts up to 6 hours, but this time vary time to time, same as real deal it is very unpredictable. It is depend on how much pills you have taken and how you are feeling at the time and many more factors. Unfortunately there is no local store in Santa Cruz selling Space trips. You may order Space Trips online even if you haven’t credit card. We have some another payment method for you.

basto guzio:

Hallo, gibt es Probleme wenn sie die Pillen nach Deutschland liefern wegen dem Zoll ?

Party Pills:

We ship about 30 parcels daily to Germany and as we may see it all pass customs without any problem.


Are there any shops anywhere in Florida where I can get these?


I was just wondering what name comes up on your bank/card statement? Have a shared account and would rather not have party pills show up.

Thank you.

Party Pills:

The billing descriptor don’t print the name of party pills or anything untoward just “Health supplement” or “Nutrition supplement”.


is space trip pills allowed in Sweden?

Party Pills:

All ingredients of Space Trips party pills is legal in Sweden. There is no restriction to sell, buy or use this type of legal high in your country.


pode enviar para o brasil????
tranquilo estou muito curioso obrigado

Party Pills:

There is no problem to deliver Space Trips party pills to Brazil.
Shipping take 4-14 days to arrive.


Can I get Space trips in Chile?

Party Pills:

Yes, we ship Space Trips party pills to Chile as well.


Are these pills legal in greece,in how many days will the bottle arrive?

Party Pills:

There are no restriction to buy, sell or use any of ingredients of Space Trips party pills in Greece. Shipping of Space Trips to your country via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive or only 2-5 days via courier.


Will the website’s name and the product cost be visible on the shipping package?

Party Pills:

No product name and site name printed on the package. We respect our client’s privacy.

nickotine n sticky green:

naw man this stuff works for sure very close to acid


how close to acid would you say? morphing, warping etc?


do your products still ship to victoria australia? how long does shipping take?

Party Pills:

Yes we ship Space Trips or any other party pills to Australia. We declare shipping time 4-14 days to arrive. Usually Australian customers get their order much faster. We send it from NZ.


awesome. the reviews look good. what are the refund options if a product wasnt quite what i was expecting?

Party Pills:

If you feel these are not the best legal highs you have tried you may return them within 60 days for a full refund.


Hi ppl call me GetSum, i was wondering if your online store accepts money from a pre-paid debtet card, like ones i can buy and put money into, will thouse work?


Don’t know if I should really say this, bu I’m a 5’2″ female and over the course of 14 hours (only did this a couple times I’m not like hard core into drugs or anything for real!) anyway, snorted 3 pills half at a time and it was the best high, no come down. Really really recommend.


hola quiero saber si llegan a chile y cuanto seria la demora ya que quiero pedir para fines de este mes

Party Pills:

Yes we do ship Space Trips pills to Chile as well. Free shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive. We have other shipping option you may choose from the list – Registered Mail $15 (5-16 days with tracking) and Courier Mail $39 (3-7 days with tracking).


Are there any stores in the us? If soo where could one be found close to my location in stafford, Virginia?

Robert P ortner:

Does space trips come in larger quanties? If not they should. I think that would be a better deal for people who hav tried it and like it.


borw na paragilw lsd thelw isa isa na dikimasw mia fora…….


Hello it be possible to deliver space trips to czech republic and how long would it probably take? thank you.

Party Pills:

We do ship Space trips and other party pills to Czech Republic too. Shipping via free airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive, courier shipping is much faster.


space trips é proibido no Brasil?
quantos dias para entrega?

Party Pills:

As we know it Space Trips pills is totally legal in Brazil.
Shipping via free Air Mail takes 4-14 days.


Is it legal in australia and how mich postage???? For 120 pills

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to sell and buy Space trips pills in Australia.
Price of 120 pills of Space Trips is aprox $240 with 20% discount. Free shipping option via airmail available.


do u guys send space trips to south africa nd if u do how long will it take to get to me


yeah they do, my package arrived-it depends on which option u take-normal airmail i took, and it took 16 days and is free of charge-please tell what u thought of the trip on here afterward


sender i til danmark? da intet er bedre, vildere, lækrere end LSD :)

Party Pills:

We do ship Space Trips pills to Denmark as well. Shipping time is aprox. 4-14 days to arrive.


How many days does it take to come to Turkey pills.I will shop for the first time your site.If my satisfied continuous shopping do.
Do you have the problem of customs?
Thank You.

Party Pills:

Shipping of Space Trips pills to the Turkey takes 4-14 days to arrive via free airmail. No one our customer from your country had any problem with customs.


Hi, I have a question. I would like to order these pills to Romania, but first I would like to know how many pills are there in one box? Thank you.

Party Pills:

Each bottle of Space Trips party pills contains 12 capsules


Do you ship to Estonia (Europe). If you do, how long does it takes and whats the cost?

Party Pills:

Sorry Mikk but we don’t supply our party pills to Estonia.


approximately how long does it take to recieve the package?

Party Pills:

Shipping of party pills to your location via Free Airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Are you sending to Mexico ?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Space Trips to Mexico as well.


Hello I sent an email yesterday but still have not received any answer, I ask: Are these products legal in Italy and their contents? I am very interested in buying! I await your response. Thank you and goodbye.

Party Pills:

Sorry for delay with answer!
Your message was removed to SPAM by spam-filter for unknown reason.
There is no restriction to sell, buy and own this supplement or any of its ingredients in the Italy as we know it but if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction. At least for many years of selling this party pills we have received only few reports from Italian users about problems with delivery due to customs. But of course course we are solving such issues.


Try city blends from tripping skulls. They was closed for a while but now they are back in business.


Hey just wanted to check with you if space trips are legal in Brisbane Aus, very interested in buying some!

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to sell, buy or own Space Trips or any of its ingredients in Australia but if you are unsure of the legal status of this party pills please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


hi what colour are the pills and is there a symbol on them?


Pills are red!


do these space trips contain lsa


Can pay with a prepay card

Party Pills:

Please check out if bank issued the card allows internet transaction on this one. Also you may choose alternative payment method like bank or money transfer.


Do you have any locals in texas


Are these legal in Maryland?

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to sell or own this lehal high in your location but if you are unsure of the legal status of Space Trips pills please check it with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


How long does it take to ship and is there a label on the box!?


What’s the nz price

Party Pills:

Price of 1 bottle (12 capsules) of Space Trips is aprox. 36 NZD (New Zealand Dollars).


How long would it arrive in whangarei

Party Pills:

Local shipping is very fast. Usualy New Zealand customers receive their packages within 1-2 days after order approved.


Hello! Is it ill advised to drink alchohol while on space trips? While at parties I imagine ill be drinking so i want to know if its safe to mix the two. Thanks!

Party Pills:

You may mix Space Trips pills with alcohol in moderation. Alcohol will enhance the effects of party pills.


Thanks for the speedy response! Ill be ordering soon!


How long does it take for it to confirm credit card ?
How long is shipping too ?
Northern United States

Party Pills:

Orders are confirmed within 24 hrs, shipping the party pills no the USA takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Have any of your aussie customers had their package confiscated by customs or had any delivery issues?

Party Pills:

Our products have never been confiscated by Australian Customs. Problems with the postal services, if such happens, successfully solved by our shipping department.


Is that legal in Switzerland ?
What about the mix with Alcohol or other drugs, that could be dangerous ?


So do they have cool looking stamps or are they bulky capsules?

Party Pills:

Space Trips comes in capsules only. There is Hi-Octane and TNT are both tablets with stamps only and the rest are capsules or powder.


Do you still ship Space Trips to Australia?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship our party pills to Australia still. We declare delivery in 4-14 days but usually it is much faster.


How much does shipping cost to the UK?
Do you offer a money back guarantee if the pills do not have the desired effect?

Party Pills:

Shipping of our legal product to the UK via airmail cost £6 or free shipping for orders over £100.
60 day 100% money back guarantee!


Hi so I was wondering if it will show up on the bank statement on a prepaid debit card as being ordered from I share an account and I don’t want them to know I’m ordering party pills online!

Party Pills:

You will receive an email with this information once your card has been billed. The billing descriptor won’t mention the name of these pills or site name, or anything untoward.


Hello. How much will cost shipping to Russia?

Party Pills:

Sorry, we don’t ship Space Trips or any other legal high products to Russia.


How many pills r in the bottle of space trip.

Party Pills:

Each bottle of Space Trips contains 12 capsules.


Mine arrived a few days ago. Took one at 7:30 PM and by 8:30 I could start to feel a “good” affect, so I took a second one. They kept me awake all night but I felt really good. No colours or hallucinations look at 2-demensional pictures & computer/videos screens has a pseudo “3-D” affect. According to the label on MY bottle, the ingredients are; caffeine, Kanna & Piperine. Nothing else. No “Synephrine” listed either. Then I took 2 pills at 7 AM this morning [Saturday]. Felt great within 30 minutes. Had some cereal by 8:30 AM, but soon after the “effect” seemed to fade. I guess they work better [at least for me] on an empty stomach. Like they say, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT & has different body chemistry. Next time I’m gonna take 3 pills within 10 minutes of each other. Just thought I’d share this.


Hey hey, just wondering if you ship to Australia?
If you do how long would it take to ship? :)

Party Pills:

We do ship legal highs to Australia. Airmail shipping take 4-14 days to arrive.


Hi, was just wondering if these were sold locally in Brisbane Australia, if not, how long would delivery take to Brisbane Australia? Thanks.

Party Pills:

Unfortunalely there is no local store in Brisbane selling our party pills. Place your order here and we’ll ship it asap. Ususally shipping to your location takes a week or faster.


Can you consume alcohlol while taking space trips

Party Pills:

There is no contraindication to mix Space trips with alcohol. Please take responsibly and always keep yourself hydrated.


Wull theese ship to texas in the united states?

Party Pills:

We do ship Space Trips pills to Texas as well.


So you must be 18 because a few of my friends wanted some and there parents are cool with it and do they have to sign for it???

Party Pills:

We don’t sale our production to minors and don’t recommend to use it to person under 18 y.o.


Hi I recently got some space trips from fav and thy don’t contain galangal but Kanna. And they came in the balck and red bottle. I was wondering if this is the same? Cuz the galangal is the paychidelic component. Without it is just energy pills. Thanks.


Hi, I would like to know what’s the actual content of these. You say it’s Synphrine, Galangal, Piperine. One of the comments sayid their bottle says Caffeine, Kanna, Piperine and Azarius which has also something called Space Trips says Guarana, Passion Flower and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose. So with these, the main hallucinogen is Galangal, Kanna or HBW? And how much (miligrams) of the individual compounds does 1 pill contain?


Hey, do you ship space pills to Macedonia (Europe) and are they legal here?, since I’m not familiar, and how long will I have to wait for the order to arrive? Thank you :)

Carter Gay:

Can I still enjoy this if im not at a party? Are there ANY health risks? How many pills should I take? Thankyou (:


Are these legal in the UK?as there was new legislation put in place here in May that made legal highs illegal?


Hello do you deliver to Switzerland, if yes are you sure it is 100% legal, i will not face legal problems here for ordering it?

Grace Kim:

What are the exact ingredients listed in Space trips? Don’t just tell me that their 100% legal, herbal and safe…I’d like to know exactly what is in there before purchasing.


Do you deliver to them to the uk ? We are looking for something new try when go to raves n clubs.

Party Pills:

Sorry but we don’t sale Space Trips anymore :(


I am going to a music festival at new year eve 2018. I normally take ecstasy and this time I already bought 4 pills of space trip in Amsterdam. Any suggestion that I could take both of these kinds?

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