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SlowDown - Legal Relaxant

SlowDown – legal relaxant. SlowDown is a natural relaxant that contains a fine mix of carefully selected herbals that will calm you down. The effects of ingesting of SlowDown capsules is very pleasant relax, although no opiates are present in this legal downer. Very effective to slow down the nervous system, can be used as natural pain killer. SlowDown – ideal pills for meditation or just to zone you out in your favorite chair in front of TV. Great solution for anyone who want to wind down after full of stress hard working day. Main active ingredient of SlowDown is Wild Lettuce also know as Bitter lettuce, Laitue vireuse, Opium Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, Rakutu-Karyumu-So or Lactuca virosa, plant with mild psychotropic effects. Also each capsules of SlowDown contains extracts of Valerian, Scull cap, Passion flower, Withania somnifera and Piper nigrum. All this components is approved by FDA, meaning it is legal to purchase, own and use without any prescription or license. So you can buy SlowDown legal relaxant pills without fear of breaking the law. SlowDown is your unique way to relax and take the edge off.

Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking SlowDown!

Each bottle of SlowDown contains 90 capsules
Today's Price: $59.95
(price in US Dollars)

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Usage of SlowDown: Destresser, chiller, ideal for meditation

Recomended dosage: The usual dose is 1 – 3 capsules, 1 hour before the desired effects. Experienced users can take up to 6 pills in a 24 hours period.


Questions and Testimonials:

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Slowdown is the best downer i’ve tried last year. I did not believe it work until tried these super caps. Feel like a true vegetable.


Isn’t opium lettuce contains any opiate? How it can be legal if it is?

Party Pills:

SlowDown contains Wild Lettuce (Opium Lettuce, Poisonous Lettuce, Lactuca virosa etc.) herb with psychotropic effects very similar to opium like effect but this plant not contain opiate at all. This is why SlowDown is legal opium alternative. Legal everywhere still.

sally eades:

I am a journalism student now researching a story on alternative relaxants. I am looking to gather some quotes to support your product as i am hoping to include it in my article. Any quotes or additional information would be kindly appreciated. Regards, Sally Eades.


this product does not have JWH-018, JWH-073 in it right? the military tests for that stuff now (spice)and im not trying to get caught up

Party Pills:

Hello Tom!
You are absolutely right, SlowDown or any other our legal highs not contain synthetic cannabinoids such as JWH-018 or JWH-073.


I think just need to try. May be this herbal opium act differently for the people. I like it, I drown in a sea of tranquility but my elder brother said that feel nothing, but couldn’t remember my name and complained of a strange ringing around :). The next week I’ll take one bottle more.


Is mellow man a better more potient kind of legal high than slow down because of the price? Mellow man 12 caps.29.95 and slow down 90 caps. For 89.95..seems like slow down is better but yet way cheaper per capsule.why is that??


i would also like to know which is more like an opiate slow down or mellow man? and also if your a methadone patient will these pils still work, because methadone blocks opiates from workin while your are on it. This is a question im sure lots of buyers would like to know.


methadone does not block opiates at all its subutex that block opiates, i know this as i use methadone and heroin i came here looking for something to take instead if herion


infact methadone is full of opiates

opiate addict:

I am undergoing MMT (Methadone Maintenance Treatment) for addiction to heroin, etc. The methadone they give us junkies for addiction treatment DOES have something added to it to block other synthetic opiates, ie. Vicodin, Oxy, H. The kind prescribed for pain control doesn’t have any opiate blocker.


Methadone does indeed have a blocker if you are in MMT. They add a metabolite to the liquid. You can catch a buzz sometimes by taking a lot of other opies to try to overpower, but its not worth it. Regular tablets dont have a blocker but 60mg n up for long use can make it act similar to one if you don’t rotate your opiates.


mate methadone has no blocking agent in it at all, Suboxone contains the blocker and subutex if you are taking 16ml or more per day, many addicts on methadone treatment “top up” with heroin


Mate are u for real saying methadone has blockers in it, I use on top every day to get higher that’s why I’m on here to find something smack like but I guess I’m not going to find anything on here with mongs like you giving info out like u have. It is true it is subtext and naltrexone which have the blockers , but when I was in jail snorting a 2mg Subby was wicked. So any DECENT ideas of a opioids high which can be bought in uk on here by anyone who knows what there on about


Sono interessato al prodotto SLOWDOWN e vorrei sapere se è legale in italy.
Italia (IT)


Received package 7 business days to Australia pretty good, check for confirmation emails in junk mail, dropped 4 slow down pills 1 hour passed feel really relaxed…


2-3 hours have passes after dropping 4 slow down pills then 1x chillax, 2x melloman, really relaxed, body sedated didnt want to move an inch, no euphoric waves in head just slowly falling into deep sleep…


Quick delivery and great customer service two thumbs up :) Slow down will make you feel relaxed and calm after about 40 to 60 mins with a tolerance. With no tolerance it will feel similar to traditional opium although less potent it will still give you the effects you desire


Your actually all wrong iv been an addict most my life there are 2 types of subbys 1 with a blocker to other opiates while on subbys and 1 without but subbys action in the way it works regarding receptors reacts differently with methadone than with other opiates….you can snort and get high from subbys provided you are not on methadone otherwise the way in which the methadone sits on the brain the subby would kick the meth off the receptors putting you into withdrawal…thats why in order to switch from meth to subby one has to be in high stages of withdrawals or about 36hrs…trust me do not mix subbys and meth or you will find out like.i did you wish you hadn’t…meth has no blocker but if you want to get technical about it its Pointless taking gear above a certain dose as like I said the way the meth sits on the brain using up the receptors leaves little room for the gear to do anything decent with me it’s about 60 to 80mg any more than that then am just wasting my money on gear I’m better off taking more meth to get high…as for herbal pills I can’t see these doing anything for anyone with experience to opiates…maybe to relax someone’s grandma a chemistry freak and have made most my own stuff but there are limits to kitchen chem lol i want some new symthetic analog like acetylfentanyl or actual desmorphine not krokadil shite screw the ban nobody gives a shit slip me some good stuff and if I get caught I’ll just blame some guy down my street.

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