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Since April 1st 2017 all orders will be placed through our head site only. All other conditions do not change. Sorry for inconvenience.

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All transaction 100% safe and secure. We use 128-Bit Security encryption on our checkout page. When you buy our legal party pills using credit card your transaction occurs over a secure Internet connection. We protect your transaction from the instant you enter your personal information to the moment you get payment confirmation. All important information, such as your name, your address or credit card number transmitted through strong 128-bit encryption SSL. Confidential information is encrypted so that it can not be altered or changed during transmission. Data can not be decrypted and viewed in logs.

Credit Card and Mail Fraud!

Warning! We prosecute All Stolen Credit Cards to the fullest extent of the law! If you attempt to purchase merchandise with a stolen credit card your can easily be tracked and apprehended. If you are taking part in criminal activities please beware and leave our website!

Notice to Minors!

Using your PARENTS credit card WITHOUT proper authorization IS BREAKING THE LAW. You MUST be 18 to purchase or you will be prosecuted!

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