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Attention! We stop sale Pure DMAA Powder. A Temporary Class Drug Notice has been placed on the substance. This notice will take effect on April 9th 2012 and will expire on 9 April 2013, unless cancelled. All products that contain DMAA effectively become banned from April 9th 2012. Also all our products containing the DMAA will be reformulated with another substance without loss of its quality.

We strongly recommend to check out other totally legal party powder in our store – Dex Party Powder, your legal way to the forbidden world of fresh energy and euphoric sensation!

P.S. All orders placed up to April 7th 2012 will shipped on time!

Pure DMAA Powder - legal substitute to cocainePure DMAA Powder – powerful CNS stimulant. DMAA (1,3 – dimethylamylamine) is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine also known as adrenaline. This legal powder exhibits a powerful CNS stimulating ability, for increased energy, mental clarity, confidence, empathy and physical performance. Pure DMAA Powder is totally safe and suitable for recreational use. An effective dose of Pure DMAA Powder is about 25 mg, so each bag contains a mind blowing 40 doses… less than dollar for each line. Buy Pure DMAA Powder now – your ticket to the crystal clear reality…

Huge discount for 1 gram of DMAA Powder
Find product you need at Party Pills Store

Recomended dosage: The usual dose is 25mg. Experienced users may take more, but not more than 90mg. You will get 40 doses from a 1 gram bag.

Take in moderation: Pure DMAA Powder over 200 times the strength of Geranium oil and can interact with medication. Please do not take this product if you suffer from mental illness, heart conditions, high blood pressure or have any medical condition at all.

Questions and Testimonials:

There are (161) records for the Pure DMAA Powder


Hello! I know this this shit and i love this shit! I mean dmaa powder not the party pills, IMO dmaa works best PURE and up the nose, 20mg line for a few cents is only i need.
Do you ship it to Germany?

Party Pills:

Hello Laslo!
We are glad to see you here.
Don’t worry about shipping, we deliver our production to Germany as well.


I bought this from here around 4 months ago… do you know if it is still safe to use? It was opened, but then resealed of course.

Party Pills:

As we know it there is still no restriction to buy, sell or use DMAA powder in the United States. In some cases customs opens the packages to check their contents. Since the DMAA Powder (1.3 dimethylamylamine) is legal they do not block its delivery.

husein tursunovic:

molim da mi kazete da li saljete preparate u sarajevo bosna i hercegovina

Party Pills:

Dragi Husein Tursunovic, imamo dovoljan broj klijenata iz Sarajeva i uvjeravam vas da je dostava na vaša zemlja nije problem za nas.
P.S. U pisanom obliku odgovoriti ste koristili automatsko prevoditelj, nadamo se da je smisao iznad ostala bez izobli?enja.


I’m not on drugs and never tried cocaine but time to time on dmaa powder, it is really help me crear my brain and concentrate my thoughs. I love it. Thanks.


Hello, i wish to buy dmaa powder, do you send it to the France? Thanks

Party Pills:

Hello Anne!
We deliver our products anywhere in the world, including France.


What about this legal party drugs powder in Germany? Do you ship it to my country?

Party Pills:

We have a big experience delivering the party pills to any country of the European Union including Germany


I need to buy 10 gram of dmaa powder. How much shipping will it cost to ship?

Party Pills:

Hello Ivan!
For all orders over $301 you get 30% discount and free airmail shipping.
For 10 gram of Pure DMAA powder discount is $104.85!


hi! can send in romania ?

Party Pills:

Yes! We deliver our production worldwide include Romania.


I bought DMAA, now I just have question how to use it? Put some of it in water/coffie etc. Or put on your tongue. Or sniff with the nose?

Party Pills:

Hello Eddy!
The best recomended way is to mix a dose of 1,3-dimethylamylamine (25 mg) into a cup of coffee. DMAA mixes well with caffeine.
You can also put DMAA Powder into capsules and take it with a glass of water or juice.
Some users have also been known to snort or smoke the product.
The usual dose of Pure DMAA Powder is 25mg. Experienced users may take more, but not exceed 90mg in 24 hours.


is dmaa legal in uk

Party Pills:

DMAA (1.3 dimethylamylamine) classified as a dietary supplement rather than a pharmaceutical product, approved for use in food. In the United Kingdom may be used without any restrictions.


is dmaa powder legal in houston texas?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction on purchase, selling or using DMAA Powder (1.3 dimethylamylamine) in Texas.


is this product made in New Zealand?

Party Pills:

Yes, all our Party Pills, smoking blends and party powder made in New Zealand.


I’ve heard that you can smoke DMAA powder, is it like smoking meth? EG, does it go from powder to liquid to vapour? Or does is kind of bubble and then leave a black thick residue in the pipe?


Smoking or vaping DMAA powder isn’t likely to be anything like methamphetamine. DMAA acts primarily on norepinephrine and epinephrine, whereas methamphetamine acts heavily on dopamine and serotonin as well. You’ll probably end up shaky and somewhat paranoid without euphoria from smoking DMAA, whereas with meth you’ll end up shaky and paranoid with euphoria.


all youre products are legal in across the US, right? even louisiana? whats to be sure that this website isnt just another scam where i transfer the money to you and i get screwed ovwer, or get some product that isnt what you say it is?
and what happens if someone is to overdose?


i’ve brought plenty of things off this site and im always more than happy with my item and the time i get it in, and if you overdose you should learn to read things before you take them, the riting is there for a reason.


Your payment system accepts cards from Ukraine?

Party Pills:

Yes, we accept all major International credit cards – Visa, Mastercard / Eurocard, Diners Club International and American Express.


How long does it take until this stuff wears off, I snorted it, did a couple bumps and a little while later about a half inch long line. This was 18ish hours ago.. thank you!


If I buy this , can you deliver me this not from new zeland , but from UK to Estonia?


How can I buy dmaa if i’m from lousiana, us? can you send it to my location? do you accept credit card? thanks

Party Pills:

Just add DMAA Powder to shopping cart and pay your order via credit cart. Thans all!
We deliver our production to Louisiana, US as well.


Hello! On the top on the website there is a flag and letter that you deliver in Estonia, but when i’m going to pay for the products then it say’s that you dont deliver to Estonia. Whats the problem?

Party Pills:

Sorry but from 01/01/2011 we can not deliver our production to Estonia.


is DMAA restricted in Massachusetts, USA? and do you ship to USA?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction for selling or using DMAA in the Massachusetts.


have placed order this morning with debit card,assuming that my pay was in my account, but funds weren’t there yet. my pay will be sorted within next two days. will present order be cancelled and i just re-order then?

Party Pills:

Don’t worry please. Your Order in Pending status now. It will processed later.

Updated: Your order has been processed and shipped.




Is DMAA legal in New York

Party Pills:

DMAA (1.3 Dimethylamylamine) is totally legal in the U.S. In the New York DMAA lega as well. DMAA is component of geranium oil, and classified as a dietary supplement which is approved for use in food. DMAA is fully compliant under FDA law, and the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).


Does it give any numbness like cocaine? Does it burn when you snort it?


yes it burns like hell. but only for a few seconds.


I want to know if canada has restrictions on your product and if you ship here

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to sell or use DMAA Powder in the Canada. DMAA legal in the Nova Scotia as well.


to be more specific Sydney Nova Scotia. if so i will order some.


ich hab es mal bestellt, ich hoffe es wirkt wie das echte Koks, wenn ich es habe, werde ich es mal sniffen, ich kenne das echte Kokain, ich wurde dabei hemmungslos geil.
ich schreibe dann wie es bei mir gewirkt hat.


I ordered some and would like to know if sniffing is the best way to do it.


How old do you have to be to buy? Any age?
And How long does it take ti kick in?

Also when its shipped on the box will it have anything or no?



j’ai commandé le 29/01/2011 et je voulais connaître les délais de livraison. Cela vient-t-il du Royaume Uni ou des USA ?

Party Pills:

Bonjour Macé.
Votre commande traitée et expédiée. Selon nos conditions le délai de livraison est de 6-12 jours. Nous expédions notre production de la Nouvelle-Zélande, la livraison aux pays européens prend généralement 5-7 jours.
Désolé pour la traduction automatique!


Das Paket wurde vom Zoll abgefangen, und wird untersucht……mal sehen wie es weiter geht, ….

Party Pills:

Hello Suhsa!
Don’t worry about customs. The package don’t contain any illegal or prohibited substances. Customs has no reason to detain the package. Hope you’ll get it very soon.

Ash bash:

Can I mix this powder wit other chemicals to make it stronger?


I was wondering how ami supposed to know if my order has been sent. I know I get an email to confirm my order. And I do. And then wat? Will I get an email again? Or tracking number or something

Party Pills:

After your order approved by our billing department it will handled and shipped within 24 hours.
No tracking number for Airmail available. Tracking number is option for Courier Mail only.
Usually shipping to the USA via AirMail take 6-12 working days to arrive.
Contact our shipping department if you don’t get your order in this terms.
If you want to make sure your order is sent – tell me it’s number please. I’ll check it out and let you know about it.


salve è possibile spedire in sicilia,è il costo della spedizione quande. grazie

Party Pills:

We can deliver DMAA Powder or any of our party pills to Sicily. The cost of standart shipping via airmail (6-12 days to arrive) – 11€ ($14.95) , courier mail shipping (3-5 working days) 30€ ($39.95).


hi! can send in Ireland?thank u!!!!

Party Pills:

Yes Kris, we do!
There are no problems with delivery of Pure DMAA Powder to Ireland.


do you know how long to send to OZ and are the prices in Australian dollars

Party Pills:

Price of one gram of Pure DMAA powder in Australian dollars is approx. 33.5 AUD.
Shipping take 6-12 days to arrive, orders from Australia delivers much faster.


salve ma dmaa polvere che gusto ha? eì amaro? ha un odore specifico?

Party Pills:

Pure DMAA Powder – white powder substance with sweet smell, but the taste is very very bitter.


how much would 14 grams cost and would it be cheaper to buy 28 grams? would freight be any more on large amounts ?

Party Pills:

Hello Bill!
Sorry for delay with answer!
The cost of a 14 gram of Pure DMAA powder is 33.95 X 14 – 30% = 332.71 USD (23.77 USD per gram)
The cost of a 28 gram of Pure DMAA powder is 33.95 X 28 – 30% = 665.42 USD (23.77 USD per gram)
In both cases Airmail Shipping is FREE!
Courier shipping is $39.95 with no addition cost.


I dont understand you quoted Ivan $184.85 for 10 grams and me $33.95 -30% or have I missunderstood your quote to Ivan

Party Pills:

Bill, you are really misunderstood.
He got $104.85 (30%) discount in his order but not $184.85.
Cost of the his order was $244.65 including 30% discount.
Cost of a 14 gram of Pure DMAA powder is $332.71 including 30%($142.59) discount.
Cost of a 28 gram of Pure DMAA powder is $665.42 including 30%($285.18) discount.
Just add 14 or 28 gram to shopping cart and you’ll see the cost of your order there.


j’aimerais savoire si vous livrer se produit dans des magasins en france en alsace exactement . car se produit m’interesse
dans l’attente d’une réponse recevez mes salutations distingué!

Party Pills:

Nous livrons nos produits partout dans le monde dont la France. Nous avons une gamme de clients en Alsace, qui font leurs commandes sur une base continue.




can you deliver to israel ?????
how mach it vil cost me to buy 12 gram

Party Pills:

Sorry for delay with answer!
We can deliver DMAA Powder as any other our product to Israel.
12 gram of Pure DMAA Powder cost $285.18 including 30% discount ($122.22)


ma come e finita ancora non mi avete dato notizia ho dato la scansione della ricevuta datemi notizia grazie

Party Pills:

Don’t worry, your order proceed and your pack of DMAA Powder shipped already, you’ll get it very soon.


ho richiesto Pure DMAA Powder Domenica il 6.3.2011, vorrei avere una conferma
E’stato ricevuto il mio ordine? Grazie mille

Party Pills:

Give me please order number you got in confirmation mail.


Ho rifatto l’ordine oggi stesso alle ore 15. Spero che non si sia sommato al precedente poichè l’ho dato per nullo il primo.

Party Pills:

Hello Dada!
We got your order, it is handled and shipped now.
You’ll receive your DMAA Powder very soon.
Good Luck!


Hola se puede diluir en agua, zumos, refrescos….e ingerir?o es esnifado unicamente???gracias


salve vorrei sapere se dmaa e’ legale in italia


Is it possible to send dmaa in switzerland? I don’t really know if it’s legal or not.

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to sell, buy or use DMAA (1.3-dimethylamylamine) in the Switzerland. We have a lot customers from your country and have no problem with shipping it to them.


salve,vorrei sapere se voi spedite in R.Moldova,,,,,,e se e legale

Party Pills:

We ship Pure DMAA Powder to Moldova.
There is no restriction to sell, buy or use 1.3-dimethylamylamine in your location.


this is legal for indonesia ??

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to sell, purchase or use Pure DMAA Powder (1.3 Dimethylamylamine) in your contry.


wie lange dauert es, bis die bestelung kommt?? germany??
und wie viel müsste ich zahlen wenn ich 100g kaufen würde?

Party Pills:

Shipping of Pure DMAA Powder to Germany takes 4-14 days to arrive. Price of 100 gr is 1746.50 € (include 30% discount).


Ho appena ricevuto DMAA e non l’ho ancora provata perchè vorrei prima sapere che durata ha il suo effetto.


Do u guys take paypal?

Party Pills:

Sorry, we don’t accept Paypal


is this addictive?

Party Pills:

Pure DMAA Powder has no addictive properties


Is DMAA legal in Ohio USA?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to buy, sell or use DMAA Powder in the Ohio.


Do u ship to the great white north also know as Canada

Party Pills:

Yes. We do ship DMAA Powder or any other party pills to Canada.


Do you send to Brazil

Party Pills:

Yes we do.
Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.
Courier shipping is much faster, just 2-5 days.


Je viens de passer une commande aujourd’hui, pour une livraison par courrier (2-5 jours).
Quand est ce que je recevrai ma commande?
Je suis de France.

Merci d’avance.

Party Pills:

Your order approved and processed already. Now shipping time depend on courier mail work. Usually it does not exceed a specified terms.


lm using cipram (ciralex) 1 year between.
and l want use dmaa with cipram.
is it possible ?

Party Pills:

As we know there is no contraindication to use cipram and DMAA powder simultaneously. But if you are not sure in the safety please consult with your physician.


Ist es auch in deutschland erlaubt?

Party Pills:

We ship Pure DMAA Powder to Germany. As we know there is no restriction to buy or use it.


What age do you have to be to use this?

Party Pills:

Your age must be 18+ to buy any of our party pills or party powder!


Can u ship to this location Grandview MO or Joplin MO?

Party Pills:

We deliver party pills and party powder to these location as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive, or 2-5 days via courier mail.


Hi is it legal in Australia ? And how much for 2 grams ? And how do I measure it out ?

Teufel Lars:

Gibt es zu dem Produkt auch irgendwelche Feedbacks oder Erfahrungsberichte gibt . Würde mich vor der Bestellung interessieren

Denis Fabo:

Greetings can you ship this item to Slovakia? :)

Party Pills:

We do ship Pure DMAA Powder to Slovakia.
Shipping of this party powder to your country takes 4-14 days to arrive via airmail.


do you deliver to denmark?

Party Pills:

We do ship party powder and party pills to Denmark.
You may choose one of two shipping options – Airmail (takes 4-14 days) or Courier mail (only 2-5 days to arrive). Users from Denmark reports average delivery time 5-8 days via airmail.


ich lebe in den usa….kann man es auch hier in einer apoteke oder ähnliches erhalten?


would like this asap.. will you deliver to me?.. and will I have to pay customs?


Ik moet 5 gram DMAA, stuur je naar Rusland? hoeveel gaat het kosten? hoe lang het zal gaan pakket?

Party Pills:

Sorry but we don’t ship our party pills or powder to Russia.


i am coming to amsterdam for one night only and would like to buy DMAA powder,do you have a branch or dealer in amsterdam city center.

Party Pills:

Sorry but no branch or dealer in Amsterdam.
Online party pills store only.


hey there!
was just wondering if uz happen to ship dmaa pure to australia?

Party Pills:

No problem to deliver Pure DMAA Powder to Australia. We ship to Australia about fifty packages of party pills and party powder weekly.

Ivan Semenoff:

Olá, estou procurando um produto que conheci num site brasileiro, onde era vendido como “snow blue”. Era ótimo ! Trata-se de um pó azulado menos amargo e não anestésico como é a cocaína. Porém seus efeitos são melhores, o efeito leva cerca de 20 minutos p/ se manifestar, mas dura várias horas, sem os diversos efeitos colaterais indesejáveis da cocaína. Seu uso é sublingual, embora possa ser inalado. Definitivamente, um produto excelente. Se vossa expertise no ramo puder localiza-lo. Eu encomendaria várias gramas com muito prazer !
Sem mais , fico no aguardo de resposta em meu e-mail, Ivan.


Whats the cost of DMAA powder including shipping and all other charges i m living in india can i get the product here in india……..???

Party Pills:

We ship Pure DMAA Powder (1.3-dimethylamylamine) worldwide include India. Cost of 1 gram of party powder is $33.95, shipping via Airmail – $14.95 Airmail (4-14 days non tracking) or $39.95 via Courier mail (2-5 days with tracking). No hidden fees or charges!

goa trance:

merhaba türkiye teslim varm????

Party Pills:

There are no problem to ship Pure DMAA powder to Turkey. Shipping of party powder to your country takes 4-14 days to arrive via airmail or 2-5 days via courier.


do you deliver at Poland to??

Party Pills:

We do ship Pure DMAA powder to Poland as well. Shipping party powder to your location takes 4-14 days to arrive.


wie hoch sind die kosten für eine lieferung in die schweiz?

Party Pills:

Airmail shipping to Switzerland is only $14.95 or Courier Mail for $39.95


wie lange dauert es das es nach deutschlandkommt ?
und wie viel versand zahl ich ?

Party Pills:

Shipping to Germany via Airmail costs 11 euro and takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Is there any retail shop selling dmaa in Ausralia, NSW?


hey guys
just wonder if I can mix it in beer and whats the easiest way to measure the 50 mg.



Buongiorno sono andrea è possibile ordinarne 25g e averla in 5 giorni grazie

Party Pills:

Please contact our shipping department via contact form or live chat to get more info about shipping party pills or powders to Italy.


How do you pack the products ? Do you ship ti Romania ? TY

Party Pills:

We do ship all our legal high product to Romania as well. Pure DMAA Powder packed in plastic bag and plain brown envelope with no indication of its contain.


Is this product actually only DMAA or is there added chemicals also what is the standard shipping time to new York?


Can you send to turkey? Is this legal in Turkey? Do you now?

József Lábadi:

Hallo liebes Support Team!
Sind diese Köstlichkeiten in der Schweiz legal?Liefert Ihr auch in die Schweiz?


Hallo senden sie nach Düsseldorf/Ratingen/Deutschland?Rechtliche folgen? Versand wie lange und wie teuer? Gibt es eine Garantie? und wie wird bezahlt , Bar an der tür?!


salve … ho visto il vostro prodotto dmma e mi sembra interessante …. volevo sapere se accettate visa electron è una prepagata post pay della visa electron … fatemi sapere ,se si sono pronto all ordine .. in italia spedite ?? grazie aspetto vostra risposta …


Do you shio to Wise Virginia?

Party Pills:

Yes we do!


Szeretném megtudni, hogy Magyarországra, Pocsajba, küldi e a terméket?/I would like to know whether the product is sent to Hungary in Pocsaj?
Mennyi a posta költség?/How much is the postage cost?
Hogyan kell használni?/How do I use?
Orrba felszívni?/from the nose?
Köszönöm./Thank you.

(I’m sorry, but I can not speak English.)

Party Pills:

We do ship Pure DMAA Powder to Hungary as well.
Shipping via airmail cost $14.95 and takes 4-14 days to arrive.
The usual dose of the party powder is 25mg. You may take it with cup of coffee, glass of water or fruit juice.


is dmaa powder legal in Poland?

Party Pills:

As we know it DMAA (1.3-dimethylamylamine) is totally legal in your country but if you are unsure of the legal status of DMAA Powder or any party pills please check it out with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.
Please note we do not recommend to use DMAA Powder or any dimethylamylamine containing products to professional athletes. DMAA known as Methylhexanamine included in the 2012 Monitoring Program of WADA (World Anti-Doping Program), there is only restriction for using this stuff.


Ist dmaa powder in Österreich legal? Sendet ihr nach Österrreich

Party Pills:

As we know it the DMAA (methylhexanenamine or dimethylamylamine) is legal in Austria but if you are not sure of the legal status of Pure DMAA Powder in your location please check it out with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Hello, do you transport your sales into estonia as well?

Party Pills:

Sorry! Unfortunately we don’t ship our party pills to Estonia.


hallo, mich würde mal interessieren, ob dmaa beim drogentest, haaranalyse positiv anzeigt. ich nehme es ab und zu vorm training, muss aber bald ein haartest abgeben, wegen meinem führerschein. bitte ehrlich antworten, es geht um meine zukunft.


I just learned about this substance and did a little research. Since the ban of mdpv in USA I am looking for a new party substance. I want to try a sample of this product, and if it is as good as the hype, we will have a long standing relationship ahead of us!!!


Hab gelesen kein schiff nach österreich. heistas ich kann nichts nach österreich bestellen??

Party Pills:

Sorry but we do not ship our legal high to Austria anymore.

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