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Party Pack - Special Pack of Quality Party Pills at low price
Special pack of Party Pills – stimulants, relaxants and sex pills. Party Pack contains a bottle of V8 (Ex FastLane – energy pills), Mello Man (pills with relaxing effect), Kanna Extract (Mood Elevator), Hi-Octane (potent energy pills), TNT (party pills), Big Daddy (powerfull stimulant), and Sex Intense pills (sex party pills).

  • Kanna Extract – 12 capsules
  • Mello Man – 12 capsules
  • TNT – 12 tablets
  • V8 – 12 capsules
  • Hi-Octane – 12 tablets
  • Big Daddy – 12 capsules
  • Sex Intense – 12 capsules

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See the details for effects, usage, and ingredients on each product's individual description page.


Questions and Testimonials:

There are (65) records for the Party Pack


How many pills in each bottle? I am interested in the party pack

Party Pills:

Hello Jo!
Each bottle of Party Pills in Party Pack contains 12 capsules (84 capsules in total).
We hope you will not disappointed with your choice.


party pills est il euphorisant


Is there anyway I can buy larger quantities of just one type at a discounted price rather.than having to keep placing orders?

Party Pills:

Hello Alexa!
Just add to shopping cart the required number of any party pills you wish and you will see a discount on your order.
All order over $101 got 10% discount, $301 – 20% and $501 got incredible 30% discount and free shipping.
All you need – just add it to shopping cart.


thanks i got my order within a week, this site i would come back and order more


welche produkte hast du gekauft?


How old do you have to be to buy party pills? And can they be taken alongside energy drinks?

Party Pills:

To buy party pills you have to be 18+.
There is no contraindications to use it with energy drinks and alcohol.

nelson azevedo:

eu gostaria de comprar a colleçom deles

Party Pills:

There is no problem to ship Party Pack to “Violet” Island.
Just place order here and we deliver it right to your home.


Hi, i’m very intrigued with your party pills and wish to try all of this :). Can you send legal high to United Arab Emirates? Is it legal here in Dubai? I’ve asked some party pills online stores, they can’t. Will wait for your answer. Thanks.

Party Pills:

Sure we deliver party pills to UAE. As we know there is no restriction for using such type of production in your jurisdiction. Moreover we have a large number of users from your country who buy our party pills on a regular basis.


Como saber se esses produtos não são proibidos no Brasil???

Party Pills:

As we know it all component of our party pills is legal in Brazil.


Hi, i’m very intrigued with your party pills and wish to try all of this . Can you send legal high to Saudi Arabia? Is it legal here in Saudia?

Party Pills:

As we know it our party pills not contains any ingredients which may be forbidden in Saudi Arabia.


CAN I BUY THESE PRODUCTS IN Greece? is that legal?



Kérdezném hogy ide is tudtok e szállítani!??
Valamint van e termék mintátok amit lehet kapni??

Party Pills:

We do ship our party pills to Hungary as well. Shipping of Party Pack to your location takes 4-14 days and costs $14.95.


Do you ship to Ukraine? Is it legal in Ukraine? How many days will take shipping?

Party Pills:

We ship all the party pills to Ukraine as well. Shipping of legal high to your location takes 4-14 days via airmail or 2-5 days via courier mail services.


ich werde es mal alles probieren.. weed ähnliche sachen wären auch cool


ich möchte gern bei ihnen bestellen. liefern sie aus united kingdom???
das wäre nähmlich ein eu-land und es gäbe keine zollprobleme. wäre eine bezahlung mit paypal oder überweisung möglich? ich habe leider keine kreditkarten.
mfg d.renner

Party Pills:

We do ship party pills and party powders to UK without any problem. Shipping from New Zealand to United Kingdom via free airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.
Unfortunately we don’t accept Paypal but you may use bank transfer or money transfer service as payment method. Just choose most suitable way at the checkout page and follow the instruction.


como posso efetuar pagamento sem cartao de credito? na modalidade 30% desconto e frete gratis, quanto tempo para receber no Brasil?

Party Pills:

For orders over $501 you get 30% discount automatically. Free shipping to Brazil takes 4-14 days to arrive and available with every order. If you don’t wish to use your credit card as payment option you may choose bank transfer or money transfer service instead.


gostaria de saber se todos os protudos são aceitos no brasil ?
qual a media de tempo para entrega ?

Party Pills:

We do ship our production to Brazil, all party pills from the party pack are legal in your location as we know it. Shipping via free airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Do yous ship this product to south australia? i really want this pack

Party Pills:

We do ship all our party pills to Australia as well.


Where is your company based ?

Party Pills:

New Zealand, Christchurch


Do you ship to Lebanon? If yes, how much will it cost?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship our production to Lebanon as well. Shipping cost you may vary depend on shipping type you choose at the checkout page.

Lauren may:

I don’t have a credit card at this moment. Is there any way to use a prepaid Visa card? Or something along those lines?

Party Pills:

You may use your prepaid card if bank issued the card allows internet transaction on this one.


do shipping to malaysia is legal ? because i interesting whith your product ?

Party Pills:

We do ship our legal high production to Malaysia as well. As we know it there is no restriction to own and use it in your location but if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


will i pass a drug test after taking these pills…


Do shipping to India is legal….i want to have a party pack…

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to sell, buy or own party pills or any of its ingredients in India but if you are nor sure of the legal status please check it out with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


why no shipping in russia? what about cyprus?

Party Pills:

Too much issues with the Russian postal service.
And no problem to ship legal high to the Cyprus!


How old do you have to be to buy these party pills

Party Pills:

Your age must be 18+ to buy any of our party pills, powders or any other products from our store.


Can you request a different party pack for example get 2*neuroblaster, 2*V8, 2*spacetrips, and big daddy?


Bonjour , le party pack est il legale en france?


Hey i am wanting to order from you, but now that i have quickly scrolled through these questions i have come up with my own that i need answered before i order. I see alot of people asking if you can ship it to them in india and what not, so i need to know if you can ship to the United states, California. Cant wait to hear back so i know if i am going to be able to have these for me and friends going to Reno soon! Thanks!(:

Party Pills:

We do ship party pills to USA, California as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Can the party pack and all your other products be shipped to Canada?

Party Pills:

We do ship all our legal high products to Canada as well. Shipping via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.


What do the party pills look like. Are there symbols on them?


Do u ship to Australia?

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping takes 4-14 days.


When it comes through the mail what’s the description? ( as I have freinds who work in the post office, I’m a rather secretive person )

Party Pills:

We send party pills in unmarked plain packaging with no indication whatsoever of it’s contents. All products are labeled as health supplement.


Do u ship to dubai?

Party Pills:

No. We can’t ship our production to the United Arab Emirates.


do you ship to republic of moldova?

Party Pills:

Yes we do!


which pills come as proper pills instead of a plastic capsule with powder inside, as in which are pellets and hard and which a capsules

Adeel Chaudhary:

Suggest me some thing good similar to full swing in party

B H:

Are you going to be offering party packs again? Great way to learn what you like !


im going to buy party pack, can you ship to indonesia?

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I agree - Party Pills Pack
Special pack of Party Pills - stimulants, relaxants and sex pills. Seven bottles of quality legal high product at a heavily Discounted Rate.
Category: Vitamins & Supplements
Product #: 007777-PPP
Rating:4.5 stars, based on 65 reviews
Price from $111.97 to $159.95
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