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NeuroBlaster - Legal Stimulant

NeuroBlaster is extremely popular natural mix that contains herbal extracts that are psychoactive and have powerful energy effects. Herbal ingredients of NeuroBlaster produces intense feelings of pleasure, empathy, warmth, happiness like other party pills, but these one are non-addictive and totally legal everywhere. This legal stimulant also increases sensitivity to music and other sound effects, makes you much emotionally open, stimulating, speedy physical effect. NeuroBlaster has no any side effects and absolutely safe if taken correctly. Buy NeuroBlaster and forget about troubles! Unnatural party pills and illegal ecstasy is so yesterday. Of course if you wish to have a hangover, nasty side-effects after a party night you can take it? No? Take NeuroBlaster – safe and legal party pills! Each capsule of NeuroBlaster contains powerful extracts of Green Tea, Piper Nigrum, Mucuna Pruriens, St Johns Wort, Passion Flower, Citrus Aurantium. Active ingredients: Oxedrine, Caffeine

Each bottle of NeuroBlaster contains 90 capsules
Today's Price: $69.95
(price in US Dollars)

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Usage of NeuroBlaster: clubbing, partying, ideal for any night out

Recomended dosage: Recomended dose of NeuroBlaster is 1 – 3 capsules and will last 3 hours, and result in boosts body energy to the maximum with mild sensory enhancement. If you have any serious health concerns or heart conditions check with your doctor first. Please not exceed dose more that six pills in a 24 hours period.



The order statistics show that the popularity of the NeuroBlaster party pills is growing significantly among users from Spain. Users from other countries are increases orders also, but Spain are leading. Over the past month, the number of orders from Spain - 267. June's sales also shows growth.

Questions and Testimonials:

There are (60) records for the NeuroBlaster


Hello! I wish to test it. Have you some smaller package of this herbal ecstasy? Let me know if so. Thanks.


Hey Mark this is amazing one. But if you and everyone wish to know does neuroblaster work try the TNT before, neuroblast is better for me i thnck. Its has similar active ingrediants but tntn goes in the smaaller package. sorry for grammar i’m on high now :) uuuu, to busy


Hello , does these pills really work so good , or is these just a trick? i actually dont belive all these text in there ..
maybee it works just a lil bit , not so well.. i wanna buy this but i’m afraid to waste my money.
so you guarantee that these pills work normally and get me good high?


I want to order but i am in australia , can i get this in here if not what products do you have that i can get in ?

Party Pills:

Hello Matt!
Sure you can order Neuroblaster and we can deliver it to your location.
We have a lot of customers from Australia, there is no problem with shipping for us.

joe coonan:

how much does it cost to ship to the land of oz?

Party Pills:

:) We ship our party pills worldwide even to land of Oz from New Zealand, via airmail ($14.95) or courier ($39.95). Order over $300 we ship via airmail for free!


I ordered these and I wanted to know how long does it take to get to ya in the states? do they really work well? (from own experience)

Party Pills:

Hello Jenna!
Usually shipping to the USA via airmail take 6-12 working days to arrive.


can you dilever too israel?

Party Pills:

Yes, we deliver Neuroblaster to Israel.


Hi! Order today, when it will come?
Is it will remind me good real one?

Party Pills:

Buying our Party Pills (Neuroblaster or any other legal high products) you can be sure you don’t waste your money.
Shipping party pills to Japan take 6-12 days to arrive.


Thank you so much!


Mr. Party Pills, which one is better in your opinion in regards to the Ecstasy Alternative. Big Daddy or Neuroblasters? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know which one has a better and longer last effect. Thank you


i want to get a pill that makes sex feel good i dont need to get bigger i just want to fell like im on x when im having sex

Party Pills:

As additives to enhance sexual sensations we can advise Sex Intense pills. Sex Intense pills enhances sexual desire and sexual drive and at the same time gives a mild sensation of euphoria and relaxation.


Efetuei a compra na sexta feira, hoje (segunda) recebi e-mail dizendo que o produto já seria enviado dentro de 24h. qual o tempo que demora para chegar aqui no Brasil?
Aguardo Contato

Party Pills:

Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


bao tarde, queria saber se ao efetuar a compra, eu recebo um código para rastrear a mercadoria na transpostadora?

Party Pills:

You get tracking code if your order shipped via Courier Mail only.
Regular AirMail is not trackable.

Marcos Ojeda:

hola mi pregunta es, si haceis envios a las palmas? gracias

Party Pills:

We ship our party pills worldwide, Las Palmas in our white list as well.

Marcos Ojeda:

hola, hacen envios a las islas canarias. los gastos de envio son iguales a toda españa??

Party Pills:

Shipping cost is the same as any other poing of the world – AirMail – $14.95 or Courier Mail for $39.95.


Selam Türkiyeye ilaç gönderebilirmisiniz.

Marcos Ojeda:

Hola, he hecho un pedido de neuroblaster, cuanto tarda en llegar en dias habiles a las islas canarias. Gracias.

Party Pills:

Shipping of Neuroblaster pills to your location takes 4-14 days to arrive, via express mail just 2-5 days.


quisiera saber como hacemos para que llegue a buenos aires….cuanto serian todos los costos?

Party Pills:

No problem to ship NeuroBlaster party pills to Argentina – Buenos Aires. Shipping takes 4-14 days and costs $14.95, shipping via courier mail is much faster – just 2-5 days to arrive and costs $39.95.


I’m sorry, but I am Italian and I wonder if you can buy this product from Italy. answer me …. and sorry for my bad grammar

Party Pills:

We deliver our party pills all over the world including Italy as well. Delivery of NeuroBlaster via regular mail takes 4-14 days to arrive. Shipping of our legal high to Italy via courier mail is much faster and takes only 2-5 days.


do you sending turkey ? we have buying your neuro blaster thank u for helping

Party Pills:

Yes we deliver Neuroblaster and other party pills to Turkey as well.


In Kazakhstan you can send?


legale in italia?

Party Pills:

As we know it all ingredients of Neuroblaster is totally legal in Brazil but if you are not sure of the legal status please check it with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.
We have several option of shipping our products to your location. You may choose free shipping (4-14 days), shipping via registered mail with tracking number (5-16 days).


Hi, I am looking for an intense spiritual experience. I don’t know which pills to choose. Help would be appreciated.

michael b:

What happens if I drink alcohol while taking Neuroblaster?


Do you have deliveries to Turkey

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Neuroblaster pills to the Turkey as well. Shipping of the party pills via free Airmail take 4-14 days.


Hallo, wenn ich diese Pille kaufen würde und Sie mir in der Schweiz einsenden würden.
wie viel würde dann kosten? Ich hab auf diese website gelesen, aber bin mir nicht so ganz sicher, dass die Lieferung kostenlos ist.

Party Pills:

That’s right. Free airmail shipping is available for Swiss customers. Also you may choose Registered Mail (5-16 days with tracking) or Courier Shipping (3-7 days with tracking).


hello, are you sending this pill in greece? and all your items is legally in greece?


Hola, con todo respecto. Yo vivo en la ciudad de Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Me pueden recomendar donde puedo comprar NeuroBlaster? O como puedo comprarlo, envian a New York City … Gracias por su atencion. Espero pronto su respuesta. Que tenga un buen dia.

Party Pills:

Sorry for delay with answer!
Unfortunately there is no local store selling Neuroblaster in New York but you may order the party pills here at our store and we ship it to you. Shipping via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive, courier shipping is a little bit expensive but much faster.


do you send in france my friend ?

Party Pills:

Yes. We do ship Neuroblaster party pills or any of our legal high to France as well.


Can I drink alcohol while taking Neuroblaster?

Party Pills:

Being a completely natural herbal concoction, NeuroBlaster party pills doesn’t react with such beverages at all, so drink as much as is safe for you.


How long will it take for the pills to get here I bought space trips, neuroblaster, and dex
What about mixing diffrent pills


work ?




Can you ship to thailand?

Party Pills:

Yes we can. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.

greg farrell:

does all your stimulant pills have caffine because I drink a pot or more just to keep me going?


essas pílulas fucionam realmente, eu tomo de 4 a 6 de uma vez pra dar aquela euforia e sensação de prazer. Super recomendo!!! Não tenho ligação nenhuma com o site, realmente vale a pena, diferente do DEX pó q nãp senti nada. bjkls


Dicen que envian a perú pero cuando intento pagar no me acepta efectuar el pago
Como puedo hacer para conseguirlo

Mike S:

Got the neuroblaster pills in Miami just in 4 days after order placed. Packed came from FL warehouse. Thanks.


Est ce le stimulant le plus puissant que vous ayez ?
Étant addict aux amphétamines “speed” je cherche un substitue avec les mêmes effets.

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