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Mello Man - Legal Relaxant

Mello Man - ultimate legal downerMello Man – new ultimate legal downer with mild relaxing effect. Mello Man is perfect herbal relaxant for the person who want to be relaxed in a couple of minutes the natural and legal way! Fine blend of herbal ingredients bring to you peace and harmony with yourself and the world. Each capsule of Mello Man contain Lettuce Opium – milky fluid of Lactuca virosa that promote a mild sensation of euphoria, Extract of Passionflower – popular “calming” herb for anxiety, insomnia, seizures, and hysteria and Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) – well known herb that used for sleeping disorders, restlessness and anxiety, and as a muscle relaxant. This natural relaxing formula designed to give your mind and body a true “calm” state of mind. Mello Man pills developed for drug harm minimization allowing people who would otherwise use illegal and dangerous street drugs the opportunity to take this legal alternative.

Each Bottle of Mello Man contains 12 capsules
Today's Price: $29.95
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Usage: relaxing, chilling, anti stress

Dosage: Take 1 capsule 45 minutes prior to the desired effect with a glass of water or fruit juice.

Warning: Do not operate machinery or drive after taking this product. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not for sale to minors (under the age of 18).


Questions and Testimonials:

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I dont like doing business over the internet, any stores or suppliers in windosr ontario?

Party Pills:

We are sorry but there is no offline stores in your location.


how about in northern california?

Geo sanchez:

Is there any stores that sell this in California USA.

Party Pills:

Unnfortunately there is no local store in the California.
You can buy MelloMan here at our online party pills store and be sure you get your order without risk to lose your money.


Is it safe to drink alchol with mello man or slowdown??


Is there any stores in Chicago that sell this product or any similar

Party Pills:

Sorry but we have not offline store in Chicago. You can order Mello Man online, we ship it to your home.

polite pirate:

do these pills actualy work and to what degree can you compare them to percocets? which is better slow down or mello man


Are you sending to turkey.

Party Pills:

We ship Mello Man party pills to the Turkey as well.


do you guys send these things to michigan

Party Pills:

Yes we do ship Mello Man pills to your location. Shipping via free airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.


can i make a payment with paypal

Party Pills:

Sorry but we do not accept Paypal


Received package today 7 business days to Australia pretty good, discreet packaging labelled dietary supplements, check for confirmation emails in junk mail. Dropped 1x melloman 1x chillax pill 40 mins felt slight wave of tranquility in my head made a slight headache I had go away…


Do you ship to India.How long will the effects last after taking the recommended dose……

Party Pills:

Yes we do ship Mello Man or any other party pills to India as well. Airmail Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.
Effect of Mello Man party pills lasting about 3 hours after taking. Lasting time may vary depend on body condition.


Hi,do you deliver to northern ireland( uk)

Party Pills:

We do ship Mello Man party pills to your location as well.


HI, Do you deliver yo Buenos Aires, Argentina ?

Party Pills:

We do ship Mello Man pills to Argentina as well.


do you send to the philippines?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Mello Man pills to the Philippines as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive


Any real legal alternatives speed you can recommend that can be used legally in uk


Do you ship to Illinois? I think I want to try both mellow man and slow down. Any thoughts on which might be more potent,either way I would most likely get both of them and combine them together for a better result,I’m trying to stop taking opiates.

Party Pills:

Yes, we ship to Illinois as well


Do u ship to laramie wyoming

Party Pills:

Yes we do.

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