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Hyperdrive - Legal Party Pills

HyperDrive is legal party pills that carefully formulated and crafted to speed up the body’s activity. HyperDrive is all-natural stimulant drug and has highly powerful and non-addictive properties. Just maximum acceleration and minimum slow down! Ideal energy booster pills for any night out! However HyperDrive is perfect party pills that can be bought and taken without fear of breaking the law. Just think why risk legal hassles or severe side effects with illegal drugs, if you can get the same effects naturally and legally with these alternative products that work just as well and not have a worry in the world. Keep away from the illegal things and get high on all-natural herbals. HyperDrive is legal stimulant that not contain illegal psychoactive substances like BZP (benzylpiperazine) and other restricted substances that recently introduced to the recreational drug. Each capsule of HyperDrive contains extracts of: Piper nigrum, Citrus aurantium, Green tea. Active ingredients of HyperDrive is Oxedrine and Caffeine.

Each bottle of HyperDrive contains 90 pills
Today's Price: $59.95
(price in US Dollars)

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Usage of HyperDrive: clubbing, partying, ideal for any night out

Recomended dosage: Normal dose of HyperDrive is from one to three pills that will last for three hours. You can increase the dose if you feel the initial dose is not enough for you, but not take more that six capsules in a 24 hours period. If you have serious health problems or are on medications visit your doctor first.


Questions and Testimonials:

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i would like to try this as i drink coffee regular however im on medication for psychiactric illness could i still have a small doze

Party Pills:

Hi Bill!
I think you should refrain from taking drugs, party pills, etc., even if it is legal as long as you are on medicines. Think about it!


Hello! Do you ship this party pills to Australia? How long wait order if so?


how much would these cost in sterling pounds please? Also how long to deliver?

Party Pills:

The price of HyperDrive in GBP today is near £52.85
We declare delivery time via AirMail from 6 to 12 days, but generally our customers receives their orders faster.


i have never taken any sort of drugs, including weed. a couple of friends and i are just looking to get fucked up without going through the hassle of finding a dealer and shit, will these acctualy do the trick?


Hello, do you ship hyperdrive to Slovakia as well ?? i would really appreciate it .Thanks

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping of party pills to Slovakia takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Do u ship to au if so how much to ship how long will it take and will it get through customs

Party Pills:

We do ship our legal highs to Australia as well. Our party pills passing customs without any problem.

jack barlow:

How many tablets (aprox) in the hyper drive bottles?

Party Pills:

Each bottle of HyperDrive contains 90 pills


Oh and do you ship all products to utah thanks


Are any of the stimulants you sell good for kick starting a weight loss program? If so, which is best? I want energy for exercise and appetite loss, but no “high” feeling.


Do u ship to israel , if u do, how long ?

Party Pills:

Yes we do! Shipping time may vary but usualy it is 4-14 days to arrive.

Jen Van Belzer:

Hallo, wirkt es auch gegen Hunger?

Jennifer Van Belzer:

Hat man weniger Appetit

Party Pills:

Check out this link if you are looking for Appetite Suppressants please. Also we may recommend natural analog of Phentermine – PhenQ it give you a lot of energy and will suppress appetite like no one supplement.

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