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Hi-Octane - Legal Stimulant

Hi-Octane - Legal Stimulant, party PillsHi-Octane – BZP-free party pills of new generation, legal stimulant, explosive blend of oxedrine and caffeine. Potent mix of herbs developed to set your body to the highest energy level and re-vitalize your mind. Hi-Octane is perfect legal solution for everyone who likes to socialize, party and dance up to the late hours every weekend. Each capsule of this legal stimulant contains fine blend of Natural Caffeine (Camellia sinensis extract), Oxedrine (Citrus Aurantium extract) and Piperine, this combination of natural extracts will slingshot your body energy and have you at your finest at whatever rave party, clubs or any place where is many people and energy. Hi-Octane is the ultimate legal energy pill, stimulant, the best party pills you can find on the market.

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Usage of Hi-Octane: clubbing, socializing, energy

Recommended Dosage: Take one to three capsule of Hi-Octane 45 minutes prior to the desired effect.

Warning: Don't exceed the recommended dose. Not for sale to minors (under the age of 18).


Questions and Testimonials:

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Hello! I want to know what is effects of Hi-Octane on man during sex activities. Can keep penis horny or soft?

Matt ward:

Hi-Octane actually does improve your sex life. I know this because of personal use of Hi-Octane. Improves male or femal. I saw the difference.


can you intravenously use the powder contained in the capsules?

Party Pills:

No!!! We don’t recomend to use the blend from the capsules intravenously!!!


Cardosa u will stay soft and have a pissed off girl!! But will cut up at a club!

limberth Garcia:

Quisiera saver que tam buenas son esas tabletas y cuanto me cuestan puestas en santa cruz Bolivia.
mucgas gracias


quantos dias para chegar aqui…

Party Pills:

Shipping of party pills to Brazil takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Can u buy in any stores in us

Party Pills:

Unfortunately there is no local store in the USA but you may order Hi-Octane party pills online and we’ll deliver it right to your home.


Would it be as dangerous to snort the contents of the capsules as it would be to use IV?

Chris SEeman:

There are really only 12 pills?


Hi! I want to know how long the effect will last in average? Also, is there a difference if I take 1 or 3 pills? Thanks!


Is this one of the products that used to contain DMAA? Has it been changed at all?

Party Pills:

All products that contain DMAA banned from April 9th 2012 in New Zealand. So all our products was reformulated with another substance without loss of its quality.


Do they pills come with a design/imprint on them or in capsules? Can we get custom ones?


I’ve ordered three times, first time it was yellow tablets with star stamped, second – yellow with crown and last week I got tablets with star again. I guess they may differs from batch to batch.

Party Pills:

Max is right, batch maybe different color and stamp, currently it is yellow tablets with star stamped.

Matt ward:

Is it Safe to consume alcohol while taking Hi-octane pills?

Party Pills:

Hi-Octane pills can be taken with alcohol without any harmful effects. Moderate amounts of alcohol increases the effects of the party pills.

Kevin Hughes:

Do You ship to the uk

Party Pills:

Yes we do! Shipping of party pills to united Kingdom via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.

ayee lmao:

does this shit get into western australia/ and how long does it take?

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


What pills come in capsules and which ones are tabs?

Party Pills:

In tablets Hi-Octane and TNT only. Rest supplements in capsules.


You have TNT pills and high octanes at 12 for $29.95
But then you have TNT at 100 for $149.95 and hi octanes at 100 for $209.95… Huh??

Party Pills:

Please check the price again!
TNT – $19.95 and Hi-Octane – $29.95

David Leonard:

Hi I am looking to purchase some hi-octane and mello man . A work mate uses them and I would like to give them a go . When will you have more in stock ..
Cheeers , Dave


I am after a speed type pary pill …and will suppress my appite

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