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UK sale

Up to the end of year 2018 every UK customer get great discounts on a very popular in the United Kingdom legal cocaine-like high – DEX Party Powder. Charge your night with the best legal powder you’ve ever tried! Check out our wholesale price!

SUPER SALE. 100 grams of powder just for £ 1395.95!


5 grams of powder just for £ 101.95 with free airmail shipping!



Bigger pack – bigger discount. 10 grams of powder just for £ 175.95 + free airmail shipping! Don’t miss your chance.



By requests. 20 grams of powder just for £ 299.95 + free airmail shipping!

Dosage: One line (50-100mg) line of DEX is enough to get high for average user. Wait at least 3(three) hours between doses.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Only for sale to adults (18 +).

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Questions and Testimonials:

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Just one week and I got it. Thanks!

stan jr:

My packet came even faster. To the London in six days. Ordered one more today. Can you add bigger package? 20 or 30 g of dex? thanks guys

Party Pills:

We got about 20 requests for bigger package during last week. I guess we’ll made it soon.


do you do 1 gram packs and also is there any side effects? and is it legal?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to use, sell or own Dex Powder or any of its ingredients in the UK.
1 gram of party powder you may order from this page – DEX


Hey, can you send big package of dex powder to the Nottingham, UK?

Party Pills:

Yes, we can. Shipping the party powder to the United Kingdom takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Just wondering from the date of purchase how long will it take to deliver in Wales uk for 5 grams and how much will it cost ?

Party Pills:

Free Airmail Shipping of Dex Powder to UK takes 4-14 days to arrive. Courrier mail (£ 24) is much faster – just 3-7 days.


Is it delivered in a box so the average person doesn’t know what is inside etc no marking to do with legal highs or can feel the small bags?

Party Pills:

Your privacy is very important to us. With our discreet packaging you can shop in confidence. DEX Powder is sent in plain packaging. 5, 10 or 20 grams of party powder placed in one bag, no small bags inside the package. There’s absolutely no way of telling what’s inside the package.


When the package arrives can other people tell where the package has came from (this site) or what it is for (legal drugs) I will be ordering Dex soon and although my partner wouldn’t open my mail she probaly will handle it/see it so I need to know that the package is pretty much blank with no indication of what it is ?? the larger quantities is a good idea & the price deals also.


never mind I’ve just read the comment above lol


How long take delivery to the Bournemouth?

Party Pills:

Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Hi how much for 1 gram dex


Can i still order dex powder

Party Pills:

Yes sure! We back it again


Do you still send DEX power to Scotland?

Party Pills:

Yes we do.

black man:

puede enviar a españa dex

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