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Big Australian SALE

Due to the high popularity of DEX Powder in Australia we back with a GRAND SALE for Australian users. Up to the end of the year 2018 you can buy the party powder at a discounted price – just for 259.95 AUD 249.95 AUD per 10 grams with free shipping. Do not miss your chance to get a quality legal high product at a low price. Order your DEX powder right now before it gets sold out!

Great DEX Powder Sale for Australian users

DEX party powder is new generation of legal high based on fine mix of natural and synthetic ingredients that creates a powerful and euphoric energy rush and keeps you charged for all night long. DEX Powder consists of a powerful mix of naturally occurring and syntheticly derived plant isolates and Aminos. As a powerful CNS stimulant DEX Powder guarantee to increase enjoyment of any activity – INCREASED SELF-CONFIDENCE, INCREASED ENERGY, STIMULATING EFFECTS, EMPATHY, TALKATIVENESS, HIGHER LEVEL OF SOCIALITY, LOVELINESS and many more. DEX IS APPROVED AND LEGAL IN AUSTRALIA!


IT IS TIME FOR GRAND SALE!!! For now our Australian user may get even 100 grams of DEX party powder just for 2,195.95 AUD. Hurry UP.



Do you want a smaller pack? We have added a new option by the user’s request. Now you may order even 5 grams of the party powder at discount price – 149.95 AUD per 5 grams. Dex Powder Australian Sale going on!


Or may be you are looking for bigger quantity? This option is for you – 20 grams of the party powder at the lowest price ever – 479.95 AUD per 20 grams.

Dosage: One line (50-100mg) line of DEX is enough to get high for average user. Wait at least 3(three) hours between doses.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Only for sale to adults (18 +).



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Order Big Australian SALE

Questions and Testimonials:

There are (37) records for the Big Australian SALE

Party Pills:

Dex Powder Australian Summer Sale continues. We got more than 7000 orders placed since the beginning of the SALE. Now the price of the party powder is even lower. Just 249.95 AUD per 10 grams. Hurry up! Do not miss your chance get the good high with BIG discount!


Do you continue the sale despite the Australian National ban on synthetic drugs?

Party Pills:

None of our product is in the Australian ban list still. There is the list of 19 banned products, or any variation of the name, under the state government’s temporary ban includes: White Revolver, Ash inferno, Kyote, K2, Kronic, Black Widow, Buddha Express Black Label, Iblaze Tropic Thunder, I blaze, Galaxy Ultra Nova, Skunk, Circus Deluxe, Vortex Inferno, Herbal Incense, King Karma, Montana Madness, Sharman, Iceblaze, Slappa. Please pay your attention that while the ban prohibits the substances named from being sold in Australia, possession of the “legal high” is not yet outlawed. So hurry up. Who knows, maybe the Australian government will ban aspirin soon.


Are you planning to make the similar campaign for the UK residents?

Party Pills:

Yes, we start the Summer British Sale next Monday. Don’t miss it!


I would like to by 5 gramm of the powder at discounted prise. Is it possible?

Party Pills:

We’ve added this option today!


I got it today, thank you guys. Just in four days after order placed. Actually I bought the powder before but discount price is much nicer. I’ve read also the post on dex at the legal drug review site (sorry, don’t remember site name) and have to say I agree with those guys in many ways except one, the powder acting is much stronger for me. May be because the reviewers popping everything they may pop :)
Thank you guys.

Martin J Martin:

I’ve received the powder today, thank you guys.


Has anyone from Australia bought here? Is this online shop is reliable?

Martin J Martin:

I’m regular user of this shop and can confirm the reliability of this source of legal cocaine-like high in Australia. Always on time or even in no time at all :)

Party Pills:

Summer is over but the Grand Australian Sale continues, sale prolonged up to the end of year 2016. Hurry up to get your piece of happiness!


Is this still available

Party Pills:

Yes, of course.

duck duck:

Hello from Perth!!! Got my powder in 4 days, thanks a lot. Ordered TNT pills todays yet. This is my 7th order for last three month and i hope not the last one!!!
Would you planning to add another party pill to the australian sale, Hi-octane, for example? It would be very nice!!!


I need thm hw is 10


Are the TNT and Hi-ocrltane pills or capsules??

Party Pills:

TNT and Hi-octane both are in pills as at the picture.
Stamp at pills may vary (crown, star etc.) depend on the batch.


Hi. How do I get 100 TNT’s and 100 hi octanes in a combined purchase? Can’t add the special offers together as 1 transaction… Please notify me by email during the week as I want to buy on Friday.


Can u deliever the “goods” in Romania ? Thx for answer ;)

Party Pills:

Yes, we deliver our production to your country as well.


The pills you have advertised are 100 per bottle, do you have smaller quantities & price list.

Party Pills:

Check the links please – TNT Pills and Hi-Octane Pills


I want big quantities of dex powder and hi octane space trips
Is it possible to order

Party Pills:

Dex Powder, TNT and Hi-Octane pills still available, unfortunately we don’t sell space trips for now.


Is it possible to buy white revolver in Australia.


Do u delever to New Zealand. And how much.

Jack D:

Hi, do you ship dex to Australia again? Confirm please this is true.

Party Pills:

Yes! Australian Dex sale is go on!

can you shot up dex:

dean st Tamworth base hospital Tamworth n.s.w


Hi guys is Dex still available and legal to send to austra

Party Pills:

Yes, Dex powder is still available for you!


Do you guys have a wholesale price for the hi octane & tnt pills in the Us to ship to Hawaii ?


Can I still get it shipped to Oz
And what time frame is it delivered in

Party Pills:

Yes of course. Usually shipping to Australia takes no more than week.

brad obrien:

hi was wondering is the dex powder anything like white revoler or sharmans dust


Hi. Without wanting to know your secrets, can you please tell me your success rate getting things to Sydney, Australia? I have had seizures in the passed and feel one more seizure would result in a visit from law enforcement. I do not want that.

Please let me know your success rate to Australia and which shipping would you consider the safest?


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