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DEX - Party Powder

Euphoric party powderDEX party powder is new generation of legal high based on fine mix of natural and synthetic ingredients that creates a powerful and euphoric energy rush and keeps you charged for all night long. Smooth combination of plant isolates and amino acids is perfect thing that gives you more without any hassles. One line in 50-100 mg of DEX party powder is a stash of untouched euphoric energy that will detonate your mind out of this world. Legal high that increase energy, mental clarity, confidence, empathy and physical performance and gets you to a new high level with no offensive side effects and in a safe and licit way. Non addictive substance. Buy DEX powder online to visit the forbidden world of fresh energy and euphoric sensation right now! 1 gram bag of DEX is enough for 10 – 20 lines.

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Each bag contains 1 gram of Dex party powder
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DEX party powder contains: Plant isolates of Barley, Paullinia cupana, Kigelia africana, broccoli, Amino acids Taurine and beta alanine.

Usage: Clubbing, partying

Recommended dosage: One line (50-100mg) line of DEX is enough to get high for average user. Wait at least 3(three) hours between doses.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Only for sale to adults (18 +).


We deliver party pills and party powder worldwide include US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand

Questions and Testimonials:

There are (136) records for the DEX


Hi so do you take this up the nose or mix it in a drink like the DMAA

Party Pills:

You don’t need to mix DEX party powder with drink or something else. This staff is for sniffing, take just one line and DEX gives you a high energy boost at first and then it gives very pleasurable euphoric, floating sensation, lasting about 1 hour.


How long does 1 bag last how many lines
Does it do
And how many can u take in 24hrs ??

Party Pills:

One line of Dex party powder (50-100mg) lasts about one hour. We do not recommend to take more than one line in 3 hours!


I am looking for party drugs that can give me a feeling of high, floating and seeing visions, feeling horny for a period of time (say ~1hr). I had this sensation the first time I took amyl with instant hits. Can you recommend any drugs of your that I can buy?
What is snowman experience?
I am a novice to party drugs.


You should just look on the site, they have all kinds of extreme uppers that you can take, the snowman effect refers to the high one get’s when snorting cocaine.


Hi, I read somthing about people smoking dmma. Is it possible to smoke dex if so is it done in a glass pipe, or is it only for snorting? Also is dex better than dmma?


After trying Dex I think snorting is the only proper way to use it. It’s made up of various plant isolates that will burn and be wasted.


Er det lovligt i Danmark?


do u ship it to latvia?

Party Pills:

Yes we do!


I got my gram of Dex yesterday and tried it out this afternoon. It’s a good product with a very clean energy to it – like a good night of sleep – and no side effects of any kind. It’s very pure and white and feels good in the nose. What i really like is that there is no nervous energy or shakiness, but a good upbeat willingness to exercise and clean. When it wears off there’s really no addictive craving. I think the euphoria aspect is a bit over exaggerated in the description though. All and all, I’m pleased with the product and the fast shipping.

P.S. – I think I’ll try some DMAA in a few weeks


I feel the same way!


is this legal in NZ ??

Party Pills:

Yes DEX party powder is legal in New Zealand. We produce it in NZ and ship worldwide from NZ.


The powder was smooth. I would say the effects are light, but other girls around me seemed to like it


Do you send dex to lithuania?

Party Pills:

We do ship Dex party powder to Lithuania as well. Free shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Can you take it intraveniously?

Party Pills:

NO! Do not take this substance intravenously! This party powder designed for sniffing only. Snorting is the only proper way to use Dex powder. Do not create a trouble using the powder inappropriately.


I can find it in Brazil? Is there anyplace that sells? How long to get if I buy in this site?

Party Pills:

Unfortunately there is no local store in Brazil selling DEX powder.
We do ship our production to your location as well. Shipping of Dex powder to Brazil takes 4-14 days via free airmail.

Tnaro Pen:

Is it legal in Brazil? I’m looking for something like this. Please, I would be glad to get more information in my email. Thank you for your attention.


Boa noite, os efeitos são de euforia, alegria , parcecidos com o da cocaina? quanto custa o frete ao brazil ?


Do you ship to the US and how long does it take to get to me?

Party Pills:

We do ship party powder to US. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


This stuff is pretty good, you are able to smoke it and it tastes and smokes like crystal meth but burns quickly like whippa (powdered speed), as for snorting…havnt really tried it that way much but seems to give a good high

Arny T:

Thanks guys! Got my DEX party powder in just no time at all. From New Zealand to Australia 3 days after ordered only. WOW! I see some people even smoke it, I didn’t try to smoke I quess snorting is the most suitable way to take the powder (I’ll smoke it later and who knows may be i’ll change my opinion) its clear my brain better than… even don’t know what to say :) Thanks a lot.


Is This Sold In Any Stores In NZ or going to be any time soon? Thanks

Party Pills:

No, DEX party powder not available in the local New Zealand stores. Order this magic powder here at our online party pills store and we’ll deliver your package very fast. We are in NZ.


can you ship to aus? and will it pass through?

Party Pills:

We do ship Dex party powder to Australia as well.
No problems with customs clearance.


Do you ship Pills to Canada ?

I am starving for it.

Party Pills:

We do ship Dex party powder to Canada as well.
No problems with Canadian Customs and legality in your country.


can you ship it to texas in the united states? or is it illegal in texas?

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to sell, buy and own Dex party powder in your location but if you are unsure of the legal status please check with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Thankyou Pills4party, my order was well recieved. good packaging, in terms of the product itself and postal packaging.

it comes in a SEALED zip lock bag, not the clear see through cheap bags, but a high quality bag that they use for camping food (alot more durable, and this will enhance shelf-life), but obviously smaller to accommodate 1gr.
In the package there is a letter, that describes the contents of the energy powder, so this keeps customs from sticking their nose in.
arrived perfectly on-time. Good communication, there is nothing to worry about.
Thanks again!!! :)


you deliver to malta?

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship DEX party powder to Malta as well.


where in australia ccan i get your products newcastle n.s.w australia

Party Pills:

There is no local smart shop selling DEX Powder in Australia. You may place order online here and we will ship it to you very fast.


Hi. Do you ship Dex party powder to the NZ, how long shipping takes? Thank you.

Party Pills:

Yes! We do ship Dex powder or any other party pills to the New Zealand. New Zealand customers receive their order the next day because we are in NZ too :)


ola, Dex e todos os vossos produtos são legais em portugal? têm algum plano de revenda para lojas smartshop ou só comercializam para clientes particulares?


Thanks heaps i got my dex powder last night i had some at six pm its now seven thirty am i cant wait to order more stuff ;-) do yous know if there is any issue with the party pack getting to adelaide australia


bonjours,se serai pour savoir si la poudre dex est légale en france?merci

Party Pills:

As we know it there is no restriction to sell, buy or use the Dex Powder in France but if you are unsure of the legal status of this party powder please check it with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.

craig bullen:

how long does it take to ship to uk??? thanks.


Hi do you send DEX to Slovak republic? thnx

Party Pills:

Yes, we do! Shipping of Dex party powder to your location via Airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive. Courier shipping is a little bit expensive but much faster.


Do you ship to Hawaii?

Party Pills:

Yes, shipping of DEX party powder to Hawaii takes 4-14 days to arrive.


do u send to scotland in the highlands


how long deos it take for shipping in canada ,ontario

Party Pills:

Shipping of party powder to Canada via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive.


do u ship to ireland

Party Pills:

We do ship party powder to Ireland as well.


Hi I just want to know if we can buy more than 1G and have discount or something like that like 1g/40 2g/70 3.5g/100$…?

Party Pills:

Our discount program is very simple:
Just add the items to shopping cart and you will see the amount of discount.
For any orders over $101 – 10%
For any orders over $301 – 20%
For any orders over $501 – incredible 30%


Do u ship to florida??

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship Dex Party Powder to Florida as well.


Hi, do you ship Dex to Argentina? How is the pay method?

Party Pills:

We do ship party powder to Argentina as well.
At the time is only two payment method available – credit card and bank tranfer.


Is it legal in Ireland?

Party Pills:

There is no restriction to sell, buy or own DEX Powder in the Ireland.


Hi, I would like to know how much is the shipping cost ( 1gr Dezx Powder) to Portugal and which ways of payment.


what type/ size of packaging does this product come in, would it fit in a mailbox? or under welcome mat? are there any stores in my area that sell this product.


It is very close to real deal not the same but still very good legal cocaine-like high in the UK.


Hi, just needed to know before I buy if you ship to Florida, I wanted to make sure I will pass.

Party Pills:

We supply DEX party powder to Florida as well.
Shipping via airmail takes 4-14 days.


Is free shipping available?

Party Pills:

Free shipping available for orders over $101.

Amelita Robinson:

I have been told snorting pure dmaa burns, is this true


Actually dmaa burns as hell when snorting but dex powder does not contain dimethylamylamine.

Aussi Man:

Is anybody know if the party powder or party pills get through customs in Australia?


Does any of the uppers test positive on a drug screen?


hi im moe from dubai i need to order from, your site but im not sure if its gonna deliver her cuz our costumes already know about it so how u gonna hide it for me ? and if it deliver i will make sure i will order in very big amounts cuz in dubai nothing to get high on so my friend they gonna love it so ?? let me know asap cuz we r died here to have your product!!

Party Pills:

Sorry but we do not ship our production to UAE.

April Tolliver:

wanting to place am order

david harper:

Do you deliver to tn n if so id like for u to get back to me asasap

Party Pills:

We ship Dex powder to Tennessee as well, no problems with customs and other authorities.


Does this dex stuff burn like most party powders?


Hello, may you suggest any offline shop selling legal party pills and powders in Sydney, Australia? Thank you.


How long to ship ?

Party Pills:

Shipping of DEX Powder to Canada takes 4-14 days.

April Tolliver:

Do you ship to tenn

Party Pills:

We do ship party powder to Tennessee as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


You mention on your website that you deliver to istanbul. Will it pass through customs without any issues

Party Pills:

We ship party powder and pills to your country. There are no known legal issues with this product in Turkey. But if you are not sure of the legal status of our legal high production please check with the appropriate authority.


Do u ship to lebanon

Party Pills:

Yes, we do ship party powder to Lebanon as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days to arrive.


can buy in Romania? in how many days I get the package?

Party Pills:

We do ship legal highs to Romania as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days. Courier shipping is much faster.


Do you ship dex party powder to Omaha Nebraska

Party Pills:

Yes we do!
Shipping to your location takes 4-14 days to arrive.


do you ship to albania

Party Pills:

Yes we do. Shipping of party pills or powder to Albania takes 4-14 days.


feel uplifted, flying in mind, great!!! 5 stars!!!


Spedite in italia?

Party Pills:

We ship party powder to Italy as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days.

John byrne:

How long is shipping to ireland

Party Pills:

Shipping of Dex powder to Ireland takes 4-14 days to arrive.


Any issues getting it shipped to new york?

Party Pills:

There is no problem with shipping our production to your location.
We have a lot satisfied customers from New York. Shipping of party powder or party pills to NY takes 4-14 days.


Looking for the best legal coke powder in 2014. any suggest? will the dex work for me like a real deal?

Bai Ivan:

Do you ship to Bulgaria and how long it will take? Do you offer some discounts for quantity?

Party Pills:

Shipping party powder or party pills to Bulgaria takes 4-14 days to arrive. Discount sets automaticaly – when you spend over €101 – 10%, over €301 – 20% and over €501 you get incredible 30% discount!


I was very skeptical about Dex, but after trying this week, I am so glad I bought a quantity deal!!! Good stuff, and good deal if you buy quantity… thanks for the energy!


quanto ci mette ad arrivare in Italia, arriva entro capodanno se ordino adesso??

Party Pills:

Shipping of party powder to Italy via airmail takes 4-14 days to arrive. Unfortunately we can’t ship to your location via courier mail.


Is this still available to order?

Party Pills:

Yes, Dex powder is available to sell.


do you ship to sweden?

Party Pills:

Sorry, we don’t ship party powder to your country.


Hey got my dex today, sorry I was skeptical, but I appreciate all your speedy replies while waiting the 12 days.. I a worry wart and I’ve never ordered off the net especially overseas, and the product, but thanks for answering all my concerning emails while my anxiety grew, first it was my debit card… Legit… Then passing thru customs… Legal… Then it was arriving and testing out… Satisfied back to order for my 2 nd time! Thanks for putting up with my anxiety thru the less than 2 week process, now I’m really ready to order! Thanks and peace!


Discontinued no!!!!!!! I need another powder.

Party Pills:

Don’t worry. We back Dex powder to store.


Can I have the price DEX party powder. each bag how many gram

Tyler Cobb:

How long does this stuff need to take effect


That’s very good you back again with dex. I’m bored already. Not really good you take bitcoin only but it is no problem to buy it. Thanks. Wait for my order.

Julio Robles:

Muy buenos dias, queria saber si llegan los envios sin problemas a la Argentina y cuanto tardan, desde ya muchas gracias.

Party Pills:

Unfortunately we can’t ship Party Pills and Party Powders to Argentina for now.
Sorry for inconvenience.


Dobrý den ,posíláte dex do ?eské republiky??

Party Pills:

Yes,we can ship Dex powder to Checz Pepublic as well.


Are these 100% legal to buy and ship in Australia?

Party Pills:

Yes legal to buy, own and use, we have a lot of customers from Australia and ship packages to your location every day.


Do you need to cut it into smaller powder ?

Party Pills:

No you don’t. Dex is finely divided party powder, you don’t need cut it.

Magic AU:

I’ve spend almost 1.2 BTC on this powder it’s worth it.


I’ve been looking for something that can give me the Cocaine effect but without the sexual frustration of can’t get it up. If I order your product will I get the feel good can do it feeling? Will it help me stay up? I drive trucks so some nights just so tired and can’t keep my eyes open.


Thank you guys for adding W****** U***** as payment option. It is much suitable than bitcoin or something else for me. I missed Dex powder already.


Very glad to see Dex powder here again I really missed it. And would be nice to back cc payment because all these money transfers is lil bit uncomfortable if literally.

Party Pills:

Mike, we are working on it and hope credit card payment will available again. Sorry for inconvenience.


Should I combine this with anything else yous sell for optimum effect?

looking for something to boost energy/activity level and elevate my mood/add mild euphoria.

I am new too ALL of this…


Hacen envios a mi pais?

Party Pills:

Yes, we can ship Dex powder to Paris as well. Shipping takes 4-14 days.

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New generation of legal party powder based on fine mix of natural and synthetic ingredients that creates a powerful and long lasting euphoric energy rush
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