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BrainX - Nootropic, Energy Pills

Brain X - NootropicBrainX formula will not only support your cognitive function, but also uplift your energy levels. The only two ingredients of BrainX – Caffeine and L-theanine work synergisticly to support brain calculation speed. BrainX is often used in times of cognitive stress, to support brain function. Its perfect for things like: Students doing exams, Business presentations, Lectures, and even home games of trivia pursuit :). With BrainX you will notice longer-lasting focus, vigilance, calmness and creativity. There are no known side effects and completely legal.

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Each capsule contains: Caffeine, L- theanine (both extracted from green tea).

Usage: Cognitive function, Energy uplift.

Dosage: Take 1-3 as needed, 1 hour before improved cognitive ability is required.

Not for sale to minors (under the age of 18).

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Hi just wander if I can use bitcoin or other cryptos to pay my order?

Party Pills:

Yes, we accept bitcoin as payment for party pills.
Choose bitcoin payment option at checkout page and follow the instruction.


Tried this one last weekend and really like it. Sure this pills suitable for clubbing and studying as well. Thanks.


How can I pay for the pills?

Party Pills:

We accept all major credit card, bank transfer, bitcoin. If you wish to pay in other way please contact us.

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