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Attention! We stop sale Pure DMAA Powder. A Temporary Class Drug Notice has been placed on the substance. This notice will take effect on April 9th 2012 and will expire on 9 April 2013, unless cancelled. All products that contain DMAA effectively become banned from April 9th 2012. Also all our products containing the DMAA will be reformulated with another substance without loss of its quality.

We strongly recommend to check out other totally legal party powder in our store – Dex Party Powder, your legal way to the forbidden world of fresh energy and euphoric sensation!

P.S. All orders placed up to April 7th 2012 will shipped on time!

Pure DMAA Powder - legal substitute to cocainePure DMAA Powder – powerful CNS stimulant. DMAA (1,3 – dimethylamylamine) is a derivative of geranium oil which resembles the body’s own chemical messenger, epinephrine also known as adrenaline. This legal substitute to cocaine exhibits a powerful CNS stimulating ability, for increased energy, mental clarity, confidence, empathy and physical performance. Pure DMAA Powder is totally safe and suitable for recreational use as a legal alternative to cocaine, amphetamine and BZP. An effective dose of Pure DMAA Powder is about 25 mg, so each bag contains a mind blowing 40 doses… less than dollar for each line. Buy Pure DMAA Powder now – your ticket to the crystal clear reality…

We do not sale 1 gram of DMAA Powder anymore

Recomended dosage: The usual dose is 25mg. Experienced users may take more, but not more than 90mg. You will get 40 doses from a 1 gram bag.

Take in moderation: Pure DMAA Powder over 200 times the strength of Geranium oil and can interact with medication. Please do not take this product if you suffer from mental illness, heart conditions, high blood pressure or have any medical condition at all.

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Ist dmaa powder in Österreich legal? Sendet ihr nach Österrreich

Party Pills:

As we know it the DMAA (methylhexanenamine or dimethylamylamine) is legal in Austria but if you are not sure of the legal status of Pure DMAA Powder in your location please check it out with the appropriate authority for your jurisdiction.


Hello, do you transport your sales into estonia as well?

Party Pills:

Sorry! Unfortunately we don’t ship our party pills to Estonia.


hallo, mich würde mal interessieren, ob dmaa beim drogentest, haaranalyse positiv anzeigt. ich nehme es ab und zu vorm training, muss aber bald ein haartest abgeben, wegen meinem führerschein. bitte ehrlich antworten, es geht um meine zukunft.


I bought this from here around 4 months ago… do you know if it is still safe to use? It was opened, but then resealed of course.

Party Pills:

As we know it there is still no restriction to buy, sell or use DMAA powder in the United States. In some cases customs opens the packages to check their contents. Since the DMAA Powder (1.3 dimethylamylamine) is legal they do not block its delivery.


I just learned about this substance and did a little research. Since the ban of mdpv in USA I am looking for a new party substance. I want to try a sample of this product, and if it is as good as the hype, we will have a long standing relationship ahead of us!!!


Hab gelesen kein schiff nach österreich. heistas ich kann nichts nach österreich bestellen??

Party Pills:

Sorry but we do not ship our legal high to Austria anymore.


Smoking or vaping DMAA powder isn’t likely to be anything like methamphetamine. DMAA acts primarily on norepinephrine and epinephrine, whereas methamphetamine acts heavily on dopamine and serotonin as well. You’ll probably end up shaky and somewhat paranoid without euphoria from smoking DMAA, whereas with meth you’ll end up shaky and paranoid with euphoria.

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